What is a place where you can go to get fractORRZZED. Again.
Oh wow dude, I'm so not fracted no more. I gots to lob at teh refractory yo!
by Skuzzbucket February 18, 2005
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A period of great sadness. Specifically, the time after male ejaculation during which he is not able to maintain another erection.
Ellen is so hot, I don't even experience a refractory period after I bang her, I can go straight through all night.
by Kunta Kinte Mufase Mbwatu July 15, 2006
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The period of great sadness that occurs between the time a man ejaculates and when a man can become erect again. Also known as "The Great Depression"
After ejacualating into Susan's face, Billy experienced a refractory period
by donkey fuker July 4, 2006
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In state in which you are so tired, no amount of caffeine consumption has any effect on you.
Sydney: “Dude, I’m so freaking tired I’ve had like 6 cups of coffee and it’s done absolutely nothing, except I’m all jittery.”

Nick: “You hit that caffeine refractory state. Sucks.”
by Scout was fat. July 18, 2021
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The ~15 minutes a male has following an orgasm where all his thoughts are clear.
He knew as soon as he entered the sexual refractory period that he had made a horrible, horrible mistake.
by MFaussie January 16, 2018
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The amount of time it takes someone to return a text message.
- I sent her a text message over three hours ago! I don’t know if she’s ignoring me or if she just has a long textual refractory period.
- During his textual refractory period, a male is temporarily uninterested in further texting.
- Unlike men, most women do not experience a textual refractory period immediately after texting.
- Ugh! My grandpa’s textual refractory period is like twenty hours!
by Justice Bird January 31, 2012
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Unsatisfying and unpleasurable masturbation after a man has just ejaculated because the ability to achieve a strong erection is limited due to the refractory period, a physiological period of time that prevents men from having multiple erections and orgasms.
I found myself still horny after masturbating last night, so I tried a refractory jerk that left me sore and unsatisfied. masturbation, masterbate, jerk off, jack off, masterburnt, pleasuring oneself
by joecoolthefool June 25, 2015
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