people that will also never talk to me again lmfao
ignoring me= your last time talking to me lmaoo
by dralcc July 11, 2021
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It’s a reference to The Venture Bros. This future guy comes back to the past and starts following Dr. Venture around and whenever Dr. Venture tried to talk to him he shouts “IGNORE ME!!!” It’s funny. That’s a good show. That was a good bit. I liked Ignore Me Guy. That’s why I made the reference.

Hym “Oh! You see it? He said the thing YOU said about ignoring and mocking! See!? That’s hilarious! And just like that the infinite feedback loop is born. And you can say ‘Well, you don’t have to watch it! I mixed my sperm with my homo partners sperm so that when the egg was inseminated (yeah, shit, fuck you iPhone autocorrects! I knew I was spelling it right!) we wouldn’t know who the real father was or something! I married someone who shares the same name as me because I’m a narcissist and I like to yell my own name while someone comes in my butthole!’ But that’s dumb. Your brains are dumb. Because I’m in the feedback loop either way. It’s like saying ‘Don’t look at the sun!’ It doesn’t really stop the sun from being there. It doesn’t stop me from catching glimpses of it. Shit, sometimes I drive either east or west and have no choice but to look at the sun. And that’s the point of the feedback loop. You have to drive east or west sometimes. Makes it super easy to sell sunglasses. I’ve literally bought sunglasses because I knew some of the main routes I’d be taking where either east or west. But that’s what Jordan Big-Brain Peterson wants.
He advocates for it explicitly. It’s the east and west job to play out their roles. But the east is not doing it’s job! They tried to fire him and they need to go back to what they should be doing! So everyone else just has to sit in the loop and wait to die so his walking talking turds can, I don’t know, do whatever they want...... Oh, right, IGNORE ME!!! Oh, wait, you CAN’T! I’m too good at this thing I’m doing! And my dick, it’s so cool and better than everyone else’s. You can help yourselves! And that’s ok.”
by Hym Iam November 30, 2022
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National Ignore Me Day falls on any day where one is being Ignored by their significant other, or a friend, family member etc.
It is when a person is clearly active and is avoiding your texts, calls, or FaceTimes For whatever reason.
"Must be National Ignore Me Day again, Shawn hasn't texted me back yet ."
by Abelxo28 April 29, 2018
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