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SPECIES - Redtards are a group of carnivorous homo sapiens in the genus Mullet family. They reside in the southern USA, are highly territorial, prefer open grassland, high fructose corn syrup and have an inverted mathematical relationship between their years of education and the number of offspring they bear.

CULTURE - Redtards subscribe to the notions: the repetition of unsupportable concepts inherently transforms them into fact and “if Jesus said it, da-gummit, dats bowt good 'nuf fer us”. Redtards tend to hide from the light in FoxNews holes and can be identified roaming the woodlands chanting arcane war cries of "drill baby drill" as a solution to the global energy crisis and believe that the recent frost in their hayfield invalidates the irrefutable science of global warming.

MARKINGS - The markings of this species are the absence of teeth, barb wire tattoos or the billowing of red/white/blue fabric planted in front of their trailer dwellings. Borderline Redtards can validate their inclusion if they have more than one Jeff Foxworthy box set, and can deadeye three of five tin cans with standard gauge buck shot from a distance of four Camaros or more.

MATINGS - Redtards tend to mate within two degrees of their immediate genealogy, preferring to do so in four-wheel drive vehicles with mounted weaponry. This species, long believed to be headed toward extinction, is instead propagating at an unprecedented pace and thereby poses an immediate threat to the universe.
Glen Beck is such a redtard! He said that the recent snow in his front yard must be "global cooling" because global warming is a scam.
by hello world champion February 10, 2010
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Redtard - A mindless socialist/communist who blindly follows the totalitarian lead of their Red overlords.
"These Redtards are boycotting Israel without knowing anything about it!" or "This guy wants the government to control everything; He must be a Redtard."
by nox18 March 12, 2014
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n.,pn. 1. A member of the Red Army. 2. A Red Army member so retarted that calling him a retard offends retards everywhere.
"Grif, you Redtard!" ~Sarge
by Havoc October 26, 2004
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a retard that also has red skin and usually early puberty
Gang of kids: piss off to the zoo jeremy you redtard
Loner(jeremey): it doesnt feel right
by gazzathatplaysdrums February 06, 2009
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