A humongous secondary school (grades 7-12) with Virginia's largest gym located in Fairfax County, VA, but an official address of Alexandria/Kingstowne. Used to be like the third biggest in the County and all of Virginia and had the biggest land-area school boundary in the County or something until 2005, when half of the 4000+ went to the new South County Secondary in Lorton. The building and half the kids used to be ghetto, the other half rich. Now, it's not ghetto anymore. It's WAY better than South County.

I go there too.
Dumb: Hayfield's got the best wrestling and lacrosse teams.
Jock: Duh.
by wAtEverrrr May 25, 2007
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A crappy ass school with out any ceilings that has some hot girls, but is characterized by the pipes dripping all kinds of shit on your head.

I went there
Hayfield is gay, the food tases like booty and i hate it
by tony October 22, 2004
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A secondary school located in Fairfax County, Virginia. One of the biggest schools in the state and has the biggest gym in the state of virginia. the students that attend the school are probably the snobbiest, ungrateful kids ever. They purposely get bad grades, party and do drugs. but their rich ass daddys buy them bmw's as there first car. they dont even try in school but their parents buy their bratty asses into schools like william & mary. most of the kids that graduate this school go to ivy league schools or go to instate schools like UVA. they love to party and try act ghetto and bang to chief keef. but they just look so fucking retarded twerking in there polos and designer shoes. the only reason they probally get into good colleges is because kids at this school are massively good at sports, they probally do creatine cause theyre so goddanm stupid.
Hayfield kid: omg bro, lets go play lacrosse and then get high then lets drive down to virginia tech this weekend and get fucked up even though we are juniors, they will never know.

edison kid: hell no, what the actual fuck. i have morals bro
by edisonboii April 15, 2013
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One of the most crazy schools you could ever send your child to. Hayfield has at least 3+ bloody fight daily, and the teens dress like college kids and act so snobby. Half the kids there are ungrateful and purposely get bad grades because they have ‘such a rough time.’ Yet the ones who actually do are trying to succeed. Hayfield is basically like a prison with all the gates and over 10000000 cops in every hallway. Hayfield, in all, is divided between ghettos and riches, which sucks a lot for the kids. More for ghettos, in my opinion. It’s a screwed up school, but south county is all posh. Really all of the schools are f*ucked up in this area! But you have to play the cards your dealt in life...

Student1: —— had his head dunked in the toilet, and —— skipped class today.

Student2: Yeah, I heard. Thank god this school has over 10000 cops.
by Shabadabahaba June 08, 2019
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When you eat too much fiber and it blocks you up something fierce
Chris W ate too much frosted shredded wheat and now he has an alabama hayfield
by frostedshreddedchris October 20, 2009
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