A euphamism for secondary female sex characteristics, or pussy hair. Also see back yard.
Honey, keep that front yard in check, or you won't be getting any more head from this gaucho.
by Vagitarian December 12, 2003
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A child that grew up without adult supervision. A child that roams the front yard without a care.
"Why does he act like that?"
"What? Oh, he was a front yard baby"
by WillyWonkaInTheShitFactory September 4, 2020
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its when a bunch of scumbags have an informal "get together" in the front yard.
yo lets go to that front yard party down on fif street.
by uge_cok December 12, 2007
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You have sex with a girl from behind and right after you finish you donkey punch her. you then Hog-Tie her. Now You take a shit on her and smear it around. An extra step can be taken, but must only be used when at a party or function with many people. You Take her outside and leave her in the front yard. (put gloves on) No one will want to touch her, so she has to be hosed off outside by her friends. while everyone watches.
After I was done with Sara i got the guys to help me give her a front yard pig bath, and we thought it was halarious. Her parents did not
by CBCHS07 January 7, 2005
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A northern Ontario twist on the term "to have egg on your face" derived from the shame and embarrassment which is bestowed upon a household who has been foolish enough to allow a moose to venture into their front yard ultimately leaving tracks in an otherwise fresh and unperturbed layer of snow. It is important to note that a fresh an untouched layer of snow in Northern Ontario is comparable to well-manicured lawn in areas of the world where snow is avoidable at times of the year.
Lou : So I was dancing with that girl all night and it wasn't until I found out she was a dude that my friends let me know that they knew all along and still let me make out with her...him...them...

Kyle : Boy, I bet you had moose tracks in your front yard then, eh?

Lou : Please don't talk to me...
by fannahmontana October 7, 2014
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If you see these dogs in your front yard, just know someone's upstairs clapping
you see these dogs in your front yard, just know upstairs I'm going hard. BING BONg
by idkman77777777 December 11, 2021
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This is your town, big or small. You have a rep to maintain. You gotta hold your head high around your stomping grounds. If your gonna act slutty or a fool... you take it else where! Don't shit in your own front yard, people will see you. Go across town, and shit in someone else's yard :)
Friend: "Why don't you just go home with him?" You: "I don't like to shit in my own front yard, if you know what I mean."
by Liz Gee May 31, 2012
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