Once again the Trumptards ignore the complete lack of coherent message from their boy.
by TexasRonin November 29, 2016
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A mentally challenged individual who is suffocating from having their head too far up Trump's asshole
by Yeahyeah2x January 10, 2021
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Trumptard is a idiot who believes everything trumptard himself say,but dismisses everything else as fake news,who also think it’s fine for the police to murder its population
Trumptards are out calling everyone Who doesn’t believe him a pedophile,Trumptard himself thinks it’s fine that the police murder his population
by September 16, 2020
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One who eschews facts, evidence, logic, reason, and critical thinking in favor of fabrications, unfounded allegations, conflations, libel/insult/slander, projecting Donald J. Trump Senior's (and, in addition, their own) faults onto others, and willful ignorance.
There are rational Republicans out there, and it is possible to have a civil debate with them, agree to disagree, and part with on good terms. But there are the Trumptards who will continue to spew falsehoods and illogic despite a mountain of facts and evidence.
by FionnSilverwolf October 19, 2018
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texan redneck most likley over 40 cant respect peoples opinions,thinks democrats are evil,homophobic,racist
kisses trumps ass
by thechas3 October 24, 2020
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Someone who supports Donald Trump as US President.
Amalgamation of “Trump” and “retard”.
Look at all those Trumptards wearing their MAGA hats!
by krisworld1806 November 15, 2020
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A Trump supporter, just a person that is extraordinary retarded, unworldly, angry, dumb, bigheaded and dangerous for the environment.
Look he is a Trumptard, he doesn't get it.
by The President after Trump November 25, 2019
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