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Once again the Trumptards ignore the complete lack of coherent message from their boy.
by TexasRonin November 29, 2016
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A supporter of Donald Trump. Someone so fucking stupid that they ignore obvious hypocrisy and flat-out lies; they are closet racists, and are happy that there is finally a presidential candidate who publicly expresses their ignorant hatred.
Also referred to as four-toothed cousin-fuckers.
Every time a Trumptard opens his/her mouth, you see why they support him: they're too stupid to actually realize how stupid they are.
by Dharma Midget July 02, 2016
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A idiotic chimp minded individual who follows. The current pathetic excuse for a president donald trump.
Look at all these trumptards protesting "free speech"
by Gandmaster franky October 14, 2017
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A mental disorder characterized by blindly following a washed up reality tv star who thinks they're a "stable genius" and insists that they have "the best words".

Other symptoms include Fox news addiction, compulsive uninformed tweeting, use of logical fallacies in discussions, denial of easily demonstrated facts, excessive chanting of the phrases "MAGA" and "LOCK HER UP", typing in all caps, misogyny, racism, and blatant sheer stupidity.

Known cures: Death, exile to the Giant Pacific Garbage Patch.
This trumptard just told me that illegal immigrants are the ones causing global warming then went on a rant about how global warming is a Chinese hoax.
by Psycho the Bunny January 29, 2018
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Any racist and xenophobe person that blindly drinks Donald Trump's Kool-Aid. Primarily, but not limited by limited IQ.
If you're a GOP voter, you must be a Trumptard.
by ChuloEhPuta August 19, 2016
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