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The only word in the English language that can form a grammatically complete, stand alone sentence.
Fuck, fucking fuckers fucked.
by Havoc April 01, 2003

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A band from blakersfeild californian. they stared in about 1993 and their first album simply titled Korn was released in 1994. Four years later korn reached mainstream fame with the release of "follow the leader" which debuded #1 and has sold 5 million copies in the U.S. alone. after that korn slowly lost popularity but they still have some die hard fans. As for korn's music's it FUCKING KICKS ASS! No on had heard anything like it before. the low sounds and jagged vocals are beyond comparisson. Korn has also brought along other bands like Limp Bizkit and Orgy. But of course you probly hate korn and the entire nu metal gerne. so let me say this. if you wanna hate somthing why Nu metal? it was only in the main stream for like a year. now its shrunk considerably. so whats the bigger threat to the music you like. a couple of nu metal groups or the main stream garbage that you see on MTV every fuckin day.
Kid one: what r u listening to?
Kid two: KORN!
Kid one: Fuck yeah!
by HAvoc June 22, 2005

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Scared, Frightened
Is you skerd?
by Havoc June 22, 2003

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n., pn. 1.A member of the Blue army. 2. A Blue Army member so retarded that calling him a retard would be an offense to retards everywhere.
"Caboose, you bluetard!" ~Sarge
by Havoc October 26, 2004

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Aussie term for organising an illeagle act
dude lets go into the mens room and cahoot
by Havoc October 22, 2004

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An out-of-date clothing style, or other fad, that has been overtaken by something 'new', i.e. the old has been run over by the new.
Valley girls talking about Hippies: "Ewww! Fashion road kill!"
Other examples: Spandex; Disco; Grunge; Whatever is current NOW, etc.
by Havoc August 09, 2004

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a Expersion used by Biggie.
"JR Mafia Repersent Be-be-baby
by HAVOC December 01, 2004

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