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1. (Noun) A person who embrace some or all of the ideas of Marx.
Common political agendas include:
Redistribution of wealth (from rich to poor), social security, free education & healthcare, strengthening of labour unions.
Socialists usually have less orthodox oppinions than communists, though a person can be both. A socialist will usually distance himself from communist dictators like Stalin, and instead claim loyalty to the original ideas of Marx and Lenin.
Unlike a communist, a socialist need not to be an atheist.

2. (Verb) Attributed to a country said to have a socialist system. This is often confused with communism, which according to Marx is a system where true equality exist, and the state have been made unneccesary. Most socialist agree that no country have had a truely communist regime.
1. "He is a socialist, not a communist."
"He doesn't support dictators like Stalin."

2. The socialist party favour better healthcare over tax cuts.
by migB September 05, 2007
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Person who doesn't believe in a society based on luck, where for example those born into wealth will have better living conditions than those born into poverty. May or may not agree with communistic thoughts.
"I was born with a disease so noone will give me a job, and I hardly survive. I wish I was born in a socialistic country!"
by Aleksander December 16, 2004
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A person who follows the economic ideas of socialism. Socialists believe in people controlling the goods they produce. For example, a land owner in central America makes his money by simply owning land, and hires workers to work. The workers harvest the crops and do all the physical work. He pays them a dollar a day, sells the crop and makes thousands a day, just for owning the land. The socialist model would do away with the owner and have the workers control the land, that they would collectively own and the distrubution of the crops. Socialism does address the worlds current sitituation where the seven richest people in the world have more money than the world's poorest thirty countries. Socialism does believe in the equal distribution of wealth, which is its main tenet.
She thinks there should be national healthcare I think she might be a Socialist.
by Weatherford May 12, 2006
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One who adheres to the principles of socialism. Based off the acceptance of one or all of Karl Marx's ideals as displayed in "The Communist Manifesto". The point being equal distribution of wealth so as to alleviate poverty.
The right wing tends to insult those who call themselves socialist by saying that, "they're lazy" and "they want our hard earned money to sit on their ass and not be productive." These claims are completely unfounded as most socialist states have below 1% unemployment as opposed to capitalistic nations, EX: the U.S. Standing at 9% unemployment.
Socialists differ from the idea of a communist in that one does not need to be atheist. The system and deliberation of labor are also different as within a socialist society, one is free to choose their occupation which leads to people doing what they're good at as opposed to a dead end job leading to more productivity and happiness.
Some of the most effective countries on the planet have been socialist in certain points in history including, Vietnam, Cuba, and France.
Ted: You're an ignorant meat head, Obama is a capitalist democrat and in no way a socialist. The healthcare overhaul has a few socialist ideals but freedom in the pursuit of happiness in part of our constitution, its difficult to be happy when you're dying of a curable disease and your own people wont help you because they're greedy slobs. Please get off the internet.
by Socialist GOD May 31, 2011
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A person believing in basic amounts of equality for all individuals. Different variations hold different extremes, ranging from free government-provided basic medical, financial and educational services to complete redistribution of wealth.

Does not hate America, in fact, most see it as the greatest country on Earth. But rather than sit back, ignore the problems it still has and be happy the way it is, they look for ways to further improve life for all its people.

A common feature of socialists is the desire to focus on human issues (poverty, illness and education) rather than social issues (abortion, gay marriage, religion). This causes most neoconservatives to hate them with every beat of their cold, black hearts.
Socialist: So, you don't want to pay more taxes to fund care for everyone? Fine. Let's legalize marijuana, something we spend billions of dollars a year trying to get rid of while fighting a losing battle. We'll apply heavy taxes to its sale, similar to alcohol or cigarettes, with appropriate age restrictions for purchase and use. Nonviolent offenders will be freed, and most drug dealers will forced out of business. We'll take the tax money created there -- along with the billions spent quarterly on police and federal prisons -- to actually pump Social Security back to life and establish free clinics, and expand tuition assistance. The boost to the economy from an entirely new multi-billion dollar industry will allow job growth and provide millions of people to get new or better jobs.
Neoconservative: Why do you hate America?
by BeanSpleen June 05, 2007
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In present-day US conservative media circles, a code word to skirt Federal Communications Commission restrictions on the use of the word 'nigger.' Often used pertaining to the person and/or policies of President Barack Obama.
Inbred Zeke: "Looky there on the FOX News....any doubt that boy's a socialist? What's that boy doing in the WHITE House, anyhow?"

Zeke's BrUncle: "Socialist, Hell! That there's a nigger!! "

Inbred Zeke: "Sociaist, nigger...same difference. They just have to be nice about it on the TV."
by hack daddy April 07, 2010
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