1. (Noun) A person who embrace some or all of the ideas of Marx.
Common political agendas include:
Redistribution of wealth (from rich to poor), social security, free education & healthcare, strengthening of labour unions.
Socialists usually have less orthodox oppinions than communists, though a person can be both. A socialist will usually distance himself from communist dictators like Stalin, and instead claim loyalty to the original ideas of Marx and Lenin.
Unlike a communist, a socialist need not to be an atheist.

2. (Verb) Attributed to a country said to have a socialist system. This is often confused with communism, which according to Marx is a system where true equality exist, and the state have been made unneccesary. Most socialist agree that no country have had a truely communist regime.
1. "He is a socialist, not a communist."
"He doesn't support dictators like Stalin."

2. The socialist party favour better healthcare over tax cuts.
by migB September 5, 2007
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A person who follows the economic ideas of socialism. Socialists believe in people controlling the goods they produce. For example, a land owner in central America makes his money by simply owning land, and hires workers to work. The workers harvest the crops and do all the physical work. He pays them a dollar a day, sells the crop and makes thousands a day, just for owning the land. The socialist model would do away with the owner and have the workers control the land, that they would collectively own and the distrubution of the crops. Socialism does address the worlds current sitituation where the seven richest people in the world have more money than the world's poorest thirty countries. Socialism does believe in the equal distribution of wealth, which is its main tenet.
She thinks there should be national healthcare I think she might be a Socialist.
by Weatherford May 12, 2006
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Person who doesn't believe in a society based on luck, where for example those born into wealth will have better living conditions than those born into poverty. May or may not agree with communistic thoughts.
"I was born with a disease so noone will give me a job, and I hardly survive. I wish I was born in a socialistic country!"
by Aleksander December 16, 2004
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A person who believes in the principles of socialism. Key amongst these is the belief in the duties of the state to the individual and the individual to the state. In socialism power rests with the state and the individual's rights are second to those of the mass of people, the state. These principles are found in many countries across the world, some example countries are Britian, Germany, France, Japan, Israel and Australia (these coutries are joined by many others).
A notable non-socialist country is America (although socilaim is not anti american, just anti poverty and corruption, so america just happens to be in the firing line)where the followers of the republican party are keen to denounce socialist principles as communist (they aren't) and to protray socialism as giving enterprising people's money to those who don't work. This common misconception is partly responasible for American's world beating selfishness and the existence within that country of areas so poor they are lower in HDI than areas of India.
The people were opposed to the socialist candidate, taking the money of the enterprising to give to layabouts. The hard working indivduals of the postal sorting offices, cube farms and factory production lines were bitterly against giving their hard earned money to those layabout congressmen, smoking execs and the lazy 'business' consultants. Yep that socialist guy was bad
by Jon David D July 2, 2006
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someone who has every social media app and account.
Jessica is such a socialist
I know she posted that selfie on instagram, Twitter and facebook.
by urbanpussinary March 7, 2015
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Anyone who disagrees with a Republican.
Are you a conservative?
*gasp* Go back to France, you anti-American commie socialist traitor!!!
by rtv0587 April 13, 2011
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Current meaning: social-democrat; democratic socialist

A person who believes in a socialist doctrine within a free society. Believes that the state has a responsibility to its people and must provide certain rights such as health and education. Believes in the equality of humanity regardless of race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. as long as these bear no harm on others. Realizes that life is not fair or simply black and white and that the poor are not always "lazy", as conservatives say to keep their ill-gotten gains. Usually empathetic people who prefer to help their kin instead of watching them rot.

Not to be confused with democrat. Anyone with an ounce of political knowledge would know they are not similar in the least.

Antonyms: republican, neoliberal, american, asshole
Rachel: I hear Obama's a socialist.
Tim: Of course he isn't you ill-educated, ignorant oaf. If you knew anything about socialism you would see he's another conservative dick. He's more conservative than the conservatives in my own country.


Sara: I believe in equality for all.
Alexis: What are you? A socialist?
Sara: Of course I am, you silly girl.
by the_wiseman July 1, 2014
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