Short for "ridiculous." Used to describe anything extraordinary or remarkable.
Damn! Look at those tig ol' bitties! Her body is REDIC!!
by famin December 26, 2003
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Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly. See Synonym, foolish.

that's 'dece'...

that's 'legit'...

most 'deff'...

that's 'rad'...

that's 'redic'...
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company December 14, 2005
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A more emphatic rediculous, to be truely unbelievable or amazing.
That new kid at school is totally redic!

I cant believe she did that, thats totally redic.
by sammmmmy December 22, 2005
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A real dutch madlad who drinks monster and has big dick and nice muscles
by Redickyt June 13, 2020
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The act of sleeping with someone you have previously slept with. Coined by Danielle Julia and Kate of AXiD at Cal State San Marcos.
Last night i rediced with my ex boyfriend.
Be careful if you redic tonight.
by JuliaBEEE June 28, 2010
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A very kind and crazy boy. HE LOVES VIDEO GAMES. He is also very cool.
Look there goes Redic!
by xD_BlueKitty June 23, 2017
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