"She did that" is said when someone - usually a female - did a great job at something, particularly when they have dressed well.
Did you see that girl in the Louis Vuitton? She did that...

That girl did that presentation today...
by Real Figga Alert October 20, 2013
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A replica of That's what she said, but if a girl does it.
Girl: I used a banana as a toy.
Me: That's what she did
by iBen95111 October 7, 2010
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something one says when somebody does something physically that can be interpreted as sexual.
This phrase is very much like the phrase "that's what she said" but said when someone does something.
**Girl bends over to pick up pencil**
"That's what she did!"

by Dover123107 April 27, 2008
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The act of politely introducing yourself for the first time to your significant other's family before sneaking off to urinate around their house.

A nonsensical phrase used to distract someone confronting you long enough to get out of an embarrassing situation.
"Hey, were you just peeing on my 18th century antique rolltop?"

"Um, cat she did."
by KatSpinner1 December 23, 2017
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when your doing something disgusting, or seems wrong, you say thats what she did.
Jack: * pumping a balloon *
Leslie: " thats what she did "
by WSA October 26, 2010
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hayley williams and taylor swift. it's them. it's literally them.
Wow, did you see that performance that Hayley Williams of Paramore and Taylor Swift did last night? Yeah, they were literally the definition of "she was a punk and she did ballet"!
by ferris is gay March 1, 2021
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