SM is an awesome city! located in north county san diego...its a pretty small city but is fast growing. layed back people..skaters,surfers,potheads,gangsters,emo kids, you name it, we got it. although it seems like SM is split apart now that there are 2 different high schools. theres the mission side and the smhs side. n-78 and wouldnt understand unless you live here.
SM is a great place..altho there are plenty of kids that hate it. FUCK THEM! we might have the best fuckin weather in the world! and...a great place for buying furniture!haha
by reppin760sm April 26, 2005
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the most G'd up city in SD county..located in north county san diego, San Marcos is the shit!
SM fo life! TPL is goin put the NO.C. on top. reppin all my neighboring cities and my hometown SM.
by 760 ALL DAY January 19, 2005
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The G'est city in Southern Cali. The No.C is conquered by SM. Fore shore. Escondido.. You have more Mexicans than us. You are winning the race of most Mexicans in No.C.SD
San Marcos is fo' shigadaw.
by Locc Number 2 January 15, 2005
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Hey, vato, bring the San Marcos to the carne asada in Delano mañana.
by Jeremy November 25, 2003
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A small college town located half way between Austin and San Antonio in central Texas. The main school there is Texas State, formerly known as South West Texas. Known to most people as just being as a ridiculous party school, TX State also has decent academics. San Marcos is 35-40 min from both Austin and San Antonio.
The good thing about San Marcos, other than the abundance of horny college chicks, is it's location near several rivers/lakes. During the long summers, you will find many people floating the Comal or Guadalupe rivers in San Marcos and New Braunfels. Lots of cold beer consumption is a must.
by Emperor Hirohito January 19, 2007
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badassssss city, known for Southwest Texas State University's beautiful campus, crazy college kids, and the wonderful TOOBING adventures down the river!
by ashlee July 10, 2004
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The worst school on planet earth, you would be better off at auschwitz. The rules there are just about as bad as Obama policies, and the dress code makes you look like some kind of fired clothes designer.
by Mr_Avacado_Man November 30, 2017
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