A vagina monologue is when a female, goes on and on incessantly about something that a man could really give a shit about.
I was trying to listen to the game on the ride home, but my girlfriend was reciting her vagina monologues again
by Randag February 17, 2005
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Pussycat Pooki twat Powderbox Poochie Poopi Peepe Poopelu Poonani Pal Piche Toadie Dee dee Nishi Dignity Monkey Box Coochi Snorcher Cooter Labbe Gladys Seagelman VA Wee wee Fi Fi Horespot Nappy Dugout Mongo Mooky Pajama Tamale Tottita Connie Mimi Knish Schmende cunt

What good, wholesome entertainment will be twenty years from now.
She asked me if I'd seen the Vagina Monologues and I screamed, "Those things can talk!"
by george February 22, 2003
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The Vagina Monologues is about breaking down boundaries and loving everything about yourself. Its a play about female self esteem. If you have a vagina, you HAVE to see this play. If you don't have a vagina, you should still see the play, be but warned - there is no way, unless you used to have a vagina, that you will understand everything.
Vagina Monologues = what comes out when you scream "VAGINA" in a theater 30 times with 500 other people
by KeepAnOpenMind February 28, 2005
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A feminist play that supposedly "shows the power of women". The problem is that "the power of women" includes the raping of little girls, vulgar language, and obscene questions. You don't believe me? Look up "Vagina Monologues" on Google and you'll see all about it.

The Vagina Monologues is an extremely offensive play where a bunch of feminist lesbians attempts to liberate women through the frequent usage of "vagina". Hell, even the playwriter (Eve Ensler) looks like a fucking feminist lesbian.

One of the more famous example of how fucked up this play is when they showed it at Madison Square Garden (imagine that....Madison Square Garden...) for the reason of "stopping violence against women". Here's how they did it: They showed a lesbian raping a little girl who then laters says that she is no longer a heterosexual, but is a liberated lesbian.

Maybe my logic is just screwed up, but wouldn't THAT promote violence against women? You know, raping a girl who then decides that she likes it?

To make all of this worse, we also have a bunch of dumbass women who supports this shit. Unsurprisingly, most of those women are college students. Some of which calls of themselves feminists while others just call themselves normal women. The difference is that the latter is lying while the similarity is that both are dumbasses.

Frankly, I'm sick of shit like this. Why the hell is it that something like this is allowed?? I can guarantee anyone that if a man did this, he would be crucified and in jail. However, what do the women who are currently doing this play get? They get awards, international acclaim, and even prestigious compliments from actors/actresses such as Glenn Close.

The worse that hit them was from FOREIGN authorities and even that wasn't much. Uganda banned the play and threatened arrest, China banned it a few times, Malaysia banned it too. That wasn't all, though, even a few US Catholic colleges banned it. I couldn't find a single case where they organizers of the play was hit with anything even remotely punishing and they even threatened to sue!

The fact that mostly Asian places have banned this place is an outrage. Western countries seemed to have accepted this vulgar trash and even acclaimed it. If I were to do research on this play, I would probably find praises from Britan, Austrailia, and other places like that.

America should be ashamed for accepting this shit. It should be ashamed for allowing it to be played at places such as Madison Square Garden. It should be ashamed that the play's catchphrase ("Vagina") was used to encourage women to vote ("Vagina Vote", anyone?). Most importantly, it should be ashamed that the women who set this up is still walking the streets free.
Guy 1: Did you see that play "The Vagine Monologues" at the local college?

Guy 2: Fuck no! Fuck that feminist lesbian, Eve Ensler!
by BusinessMan February 22, 2005
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Is a play published by Eve Ensler which apparently incited much disgust and puritanical uproar from approximately 80% of others who 'defined' the term. The veracity of such responses reflects a trend of testosterone laced ignorance which bred to logical fallacies (*please see "I can guarantee anyone that if a man did this, he would be crucified and in jail" excerpt of long winded rant of someone who is angry at vaginas and those how own one/utter such an offensive name - so much so that the first amendment belongs to those with penises or vagina owning mutes (I assume). And I think it must be said that the Romans totally stopped that whole crucifixion thing a long time ago, you drama queen. Lastly, pardon my french but, vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina. My critical thinking skills tell me that if you have an irrational fear/hatred of vaginas, that the title, "VAGINA MONOLOGUES" deceptively leads one to believe they are attending "Jesus Christ Superstar" or "Catz" or anything not related to monologues (long speeches from one character) about vaginas (vaginas). Ergo your thirst for retaliation at such an injustice (in demanding punishment for such an act within their first amendment rights) would be logical -- on what ever plain of existence you dwell in away from the shared reality of everyone else oh yeah... (noun).

Guy 2: No, i was too busy fucking your mom's vagina.

Guy 1: I was busy being disappointed that I wasn't actually going to see talking vaginas who do magic tricks... Do you think I will ever have coitus with a female vagina?

Girl: You dumb asses saw that teeth movie didn't you?
by VaGiNa JuStIcE!!! April 20, 2013
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A queef, or other noise from a vagina or a conversation that a woman might have with her vagina as if it were alive.
I bent over to tie my shoe when my pussy decided it wanted to have a vagina monologue.

My girlfriend thought it would be funny to have a vagina monologue when I turned her down for sex.
by Michael B. Finch March 28, 2008
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