1. a derogative term for a jew
1. Don't Let me down, Don't let me down,(oh yeh), Dont let me down, Hymietown - Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live
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A deragotory term for a jew.
Jesse Jackson in his 1984 presidential campaigne calls New York City "Hymie Town" to refer to the city's Jews in an off record conversation with Milton Coleman.
by LiberalsAreEvil August 29, 2005
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A mildly pejorative term for Jews, made famous by Jesse Jackson
We're on our way to Kennedy Airport in Hymietown.
by Cornholio September 30, 2003
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The are of being cheap, delusional, and thinking you are getting screwed over, all at the same time.
"Aw man, these $2.00 beers are too pricey. If that bartender wants to do me so bad, why am I getting hymied by her?"
by canuckchuck January 19, 2013
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hymied (verb) - to be up a creek without a paddle; to have the whole world in the palm of your hand and blow it. a figure of speech.
I'd sooner get hymied out here in the middle of nowhere than lose face in front of my friends and family.

Ah man, I won the $5000 per week for life scratch-off game and got hymied by a couple of shines.

I was on a gravy train with biscuit wheels before my boss hymied me
by longislandlifeguard January 19, 2013
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Heart You, Mean It!

When someone or something pisses you off and you want to end it with a nice pleasantry.
On Facebook: Does your computer or smart phone have spell check? If so, please use it. It's 2011. I'm sick of seeing all this bad grammar on status updates. The red squiggly line means it's WRONG! HYMI
by akadem81 May 13, 2011
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(1.A derogatory term for a Jew.
(2.A derogatory term for a German.


Hymie is derived from the stereotypical Jewish name Hyman (originally Chaim) and the German name Herman. Hyman is commonly shortened to Hymie.

Hymie is not popular these days but other racial slurs such as kike ,kyke ,yid, sheeny are mostly used today to disrespect.

''oi hymie hows ya sister!!''
*gets pistol and shoots ther guy until hes fucked with blood*
by sweet jesus June 27, 2006
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