(n.)Delicious leftovers remaining after the meals of other

(v.) To claim the right to consume all residuals after the meals of others.
(n.) Adam finished his meal of fried chicken and fries, so Daniel promptly claimed the residue.

(v.) "Residue!" Screamed the Pope as Don prepared to throw away his meal.
by Fearmadillo April 17, 2010
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The remaining fluids from one's encounters or the reference to such matters regarding such fluids remaining.
Girl: Well, where is your residue from last night?
Boy: In my sheets or in a hoe.
by Aguyonmlia March 4, 2010
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The non-fatal condition by which a participant is unable to forget an embarrassing or strange experience. It occurs most often after viewing avante-garde animations or immediately after attending poorly planned parties.

It is usually remedied by low level brainwashing.
Girl: "Whoa. That Brothers Quay video left some serious residue... I can't get it out of my brain, every time I close my eyelids, I relive it!"

Guy: "Yeah, I'm totally going to go watch some Spongebob and try to think happy thoughts."
by Designer D July 31, 2011
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The resin that's left in your smoking apparatus after you scrape it is the residual residue. Can also refer to the kief that's left in all the nooks and crannies of an herb grinder.
Residual residue resides inside my triple percolator even after cleaning it for two hours.

Yo! my space case is full of residual residue that I thought we sparked already.
by kiefmeister January 11, 2011
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abbreviation for residual high; a sense of being high a day or two after the actual act of smoking marijuana, sometimes lasting up to a week.
1. Dude...I smoked like two days ago, but I'm definitely feeling pretty residual today

2. Oh man...I've got major residual today
by SenorFrick January 11, 2009
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short for residue; also spelt rez and res

1. any form of flirting. there are many degrees and levels of res.

2. person whom you receive res. from
Dude, there's my 12th grade residue.
by jabari May 18, 2003
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The residual effects of smoking an L late at night. Could result in early morning fatigue and/or confusion.
Dude, we were up so late smoking last night. I am totally feeling the residuaL effects today.
by L-time April 21, 2009
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