Robot Wars world champion and an ass-kicking machine. Literally.
by someone March 18, 2004
company that puts another screen on a laptop and calls it innovation
did you hear about razers vr system and project cynthia? no? wouldnt blame you, they bragged about those a bunch but never made em
by dolphin_mother January 22, 2017
a person who was once hot but is now not, like the phone
-wow, he use to be so cute a few years ago. what happened? -yeah, total razer
by Carl Kempe October 16, 2010
A name for a hacker.
Paul was a RaZeR and hacked many websites.
by RichardFanx3 July 3, 2005
He is a known person in the BadBoyHalo discord and is the most annoying person you could meet. He has friends who would always say pp he bullies people and he is yet to be arrested (muted) by the mods.
Hyaku:I think Razer is gay for me.

Shrek: Razer makes my pp hard.
by Muffino June 1, 2019
A guy who is addicted to PUBG Mobile and is Russian
Razer is amazing at PUBG Mobile.
by Cilrix April 5, 2019