if a groupchat is silenced it is "muted" a synonym is "daned"
i totally just daned (muted) that groupchat
by Ahhahxsbuxhwba October 15, 2017
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Common slang for someone who spends all day and night on irc trying to get into other guys pants.
<muted> hey john you here big boy ;o ?
by hectar August 12, 2007
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1. noun. A term referring to a mute person, someone suffering from muteness, a speech disorder which some individuals have. For one or more reasons, they are unable to speak out without the help of certain utilities.

2. verb. A verb describing the action to (usually) disable the sound on something, like a television, as well as disabling someone from communicating, for example in chat channels on the Internet.
1. That person over there is mute, he is unable to talk.

2. Please mute the sound on the television for a moment, I am talking on the phone.

2. Do you remember that person from the chat yesterday who kept spamming obscene words? I believe she was muted by a moderator.
by Zeyra August 13, 2009
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Georgian slang for a vagina. Used to call someone weak or a pussy.
Person #1: You are a Muteli
Person #2: fuck off.
by aggresiv kha May 29, 2020
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To quickly hit the button which mutes the ring and/or vibration on your cell. Used when your phone goes off when it should not. Also, a term used when a person you do not wish to speak to calls and you quickly make the phone stop ringing.
That loser called me last night again, I will mute him until he gets the hint.
by pinkandred February 04, 2006
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Someone who displays the characteristics of being a mute, but are fully capable of talking, they just dont because they:

1. are shy

2. have nothing to say

3. hate everyone around them and are slowly plotting their peer's destruction
Dude 1: hey kid wassup?
'mute': ...
Dude 1: What, are you mute?
'mute': ...
Dude 2: Yea, he's 'mute'
Dude 1: Really? He cant talk?
Dude 2: I said he's 'mute', not mute.
Dude 1: ... wuh?
Dude 2: Y'know, 'mu-, wait, i'll just text you it.
Dude 1 (receives text): OH
by TJ and Josh make up a word February 16, 2010
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The button on the remote that stops the television's speakers from producing sound although they still use power.
It's safer for the speakers to turn down the volume than to use the mute.
by Geek-O-Man February 25, 2005
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