11 definitions by RichardFanx3

A way to remember conjunctions.

"So my teacher taught me that 'FANBOYS' is a way to remember conjunctions..

F or
A nd
N or
B ut
O r
Y et
S o
by RichardFanx3 October 2, 2005
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A name for a hacker.
Paul was a RaZeR and hacked many websites.
by RichardFanx3 July 3, 2005
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What the outer Sailor Senshi called Sailor Saturn before she turned into Mistress 9.
"Can she be the Sovereign of Silence?"
by RichardFanx3 August 24, 2006
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Being absent from school without parental consent, playing hooky.
If he commits truancy he`ll get into trouble.
by RichardFanx3 September 14, 2005
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Member of the German Heavy Metal band Rammstein who plays lead guitar. Born in Wittemburg, Germany on June 24th, 1967. Former band member of 'Orgasm Death Gimmick'.
Believe it or not, but Richard got involved with Till's ex-wife and had Khira-li Lindemann.
by RichardFanx3 July 3, 2005
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A fan of the anime 'Sailor Moon'.
by RichardFanx3 July 3, 2005
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