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Used the same as proposterous, except whan things are REALLY silly
"Eddie Money claims to be off drugs, Thats aposterous."
by someone June 21, 2004
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envious; jealous; wanting something that someone else has.
You envy Rav, don't you?
by someone August 2, 2004
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Product featured in the Weebl and Bob flash cartoons. Strong laxative.
Esquilax: gentle as a rabbit
by someone July 7, 2004
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An area of existence which contains intangible concepts, such as emotions, and destiny. It very nature is oxymoronic.
When the person thought, he recalled memories which were collectivly pooled in the etheral plane in his mind.
by someone September 26, 2003
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When you hit someone so hard in the face, that his eyes pop out.
holy tree cow, you face punched him, his brains are against my car
by someone April 1, 2005
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That guy who owns mantako.com, where lots of people from Haddonfield visit.
I'm gonna go get caught at mantako.com in the library, and tell the librarian that I was looking at gay porn!!
by someone February 23, 2004
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A fat guy who is addicted to drugs.
Yo, how's the crack business pal?

Good, thanks to that maradona!
by someone December 7, 2003
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