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1. He is such an argonxy
2. Iam an argonxy because I don't play basketball.
by someone April 12, 2004
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A German metal/rock/industrial band, though anyone who considers Megaherz to be industrial should be shot. They produce suprisingly moving, thoughtful and meaningful lyrics for a band of their genre and decibel level.

They have produced several amazing songs, such as An Deinem Grab, Perfekte Droge, Spiel Nicht, Heute schon gelebt? and Liebestoter.

Sometimes compared to Rammstein, although they seem (to me) to be very different
Megaherz is a great German band!
by someone February 26, 2004
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Amy Conant. She was born in America, raised young in Sweden where she become heir to the throne. She lives in America now and controls Sweden. She currently has a woman in Sweden acting as her now She goes by Sylvie...you know, Queen Sylvie.
The Queen of Sweden is not a whore because she does not wear makeup.
by someone January 20, 2004
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Combination of tired and hyper meaning to be dead tired, yet surprisingly hyper at the same time
It's 3:27 AM and I'm feeling pretty tipered. What about you?
by someone July 11, 2003
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when something looks disturbing or ugly...
man he looked gimpish
by someone July 27, 2003
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