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A free game for mobile peasants, with a community full of cringe, like Fortnite. The game infecting online gaming community with normies, who think they are really cool because they play online games.
Girl: Hey let's play PUBG.
Boy: What you play is PUBG Mobile. STFU.
Girl: Doesn't matter. Let's play!!!
Boy: Let's breakup.
by plxacceptthis March 18, 2019
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A game most mobile users get when they don't have money to buy a PC. I mean its fun and i don't have a monster PC and its free i don't see why this game s hated by the PC community its a mobile game for people who don't have money
Guy 1: you play PUBG MOBILE it sucks
Guy 2: Well i'm poor so FUCK OFF
by Averagemale97 April 08, 2019
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Well for the lame ass player's who doesn't have an IOS device.
Pubg mobile player:Yo pubg mobile is better than fortnite
Fortnite mobile player:You hate the game because you don't have an APPLE phone.
by BrokePubgmobileusers June 27, 2018
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A game in which has many opinions about it. Some say it's for virgins who also play Fortnite on their Nintendo Switch, others say it's for gaming legends who don't give a shit for PC/Console games. Then there are people who play it casually, or in their free time. There are usually only two prominent types of players, try-hards or people who actually have fun playing the game. Luckily, this game is not pay to win but, everything not needed to win (Skins, Battle pass,etc.) needs UC, which costs money.
Person 1: "Dude, you want to play PUBG Mobile?"
Person 2: "C' mon, I'm begging my mom to buy me UC so I could open a bunch of premium crates!"
Person 1: "Seriously? You don't need all the gun skins and sets to get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."
Person 2: "Shut up, I have to impress my friends so they can let me in their squad"
Person 1: "Fine, go waste your mothers' money"
Don't waste your money kids.
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by The O N Y X April 27, 2019
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