Doing the same old pointless thing a different way. Alternatively, creating something brilliant in such a way that it takes twice as long and costs three times as much as the old fashioned way of doing the same thing.
Bob: Hey, let's make a wheel!
Bub: Well, we'll have to draft a budget submission, then set up a steering party, develop a business plan then publish a prospectus. I'm guessing we'll need a couple of million plus a three year window for the R & D alone ...
by Disgruntled Former Employee March 18, 2005
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A marketing ploy used by organizations that have exhausted all other plausable excuses for introducing ill-conceived products, policies, practices and/or services that will ultimately prove to be counterproductive.
CEO: OMG, this place is a real drag!
Boy Wonder: Gosh, CEO ... let's introduce an innovation!
CEO: Shit! Why didn't I think of that? Where should we start?
Boy Wonder: Gee, I guess we should do a Google search ...
by Aunty Yo's Sister March 18, 2005
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A word used by game developers when they are going to fuck up a game.
Dev: We're going to make the game more innovative and fun!

*later on after release*
Gamer: Dude! WTF THIS GAME SUCKS! it fails in most new games.
by bluemuffin May 29, 2009
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Someone who makes new things to solve or an old problem.
Jess: hey Jim can you fix my buggy for this nature drive next week?
Jim: no problem Jess, I’m a innovator baby.
by The CEO of GAZOOZLE.BIZ October 2, 2019
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A word that combines innovation and invent. First used by Alec Baldwin in the tv show 30 Rock.
John: We need to think of something quick to get our profits up! Ideas?

Joe: We can make a microwave that is also a toaster.

John: Fuckin' genius Joe! Great innovention!
by rogerthewhale November 24, 2010
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A word that was once used to be used to describe things that are new, and different. Now it's just marketing term that is used to describe pretty much everything, regardless of whether or not it deserves to be called innovative.
Gee, I didn't know that can openers are innovative.
by Jay Elliott May 6, 2007
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