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Someone who screws people over in a bad way.
My boss, the ratfucker, wouldn't approve my vacation request, and my trip was non-refundable.
by amanda March 09, 2004
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noun: Ratfucker | plural: Ratfuckers

1: The insane, narcissistic, outrageous asshat who tried to ratfuck her way into the White house with Russian hacking (although it failed and was blamed on the other candidate), deleting 30,000 emails, and trying to destroy our country.

2. A very stupid person who got back together with her cheating husband that had sex with another woman.
"Good thing our president beat that Ratfucker in the election."

"Your sister is such a Ratfucker."

"Don't be such a Ratfucker."
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by NotAFedupLiberal March 25, 2017
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A Rat fucker is a known rat bitch that snitches for no apparent reason but to rat out his fellow employees. A POS who will turn on his buddies for the shear joy of being the supervisors bitch.
Pablo wrote down everything Barney said and told the Supervisor, boy he sure is a Rat Fucker.
by Cellar Rat February 02, 2012
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The insane, narcissistic, outrageous asshat who ratfucked his way into the Whitehouse with Russian hacking, slanderous lies from FBI director James Comey, and the archaic, undemocratic, and fucked Electoral College. Ratfucker is now working tirelessly (minus weekly vacations to Florida) to finish dismantling american society, enact authoritarian rule, destroy the environment, and destabilized global relations. Youโ€™ve been ratfucked.
Ratfucker stays up long into the night composing insane and nonsensical tweets for the braindead lemmings who support him to read and praise.
by FedupAngryLiberal March 18, 2017
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the act of putting your penis into a rat

most rat fuckers have many diseases and should be avoided at all costs. They are outcasts in most societies, except for France where they even have a holiday for it.
I saw peter fucking my pet rat last night, he's such a rat fucker.
by brente89 July 27, 2008
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N. A person who thinks their minor accomplishment is a major achievement.

{note: current definition is incorrect}
bob: "I just pulled my first snowboarding 180...."

joe: "you rat fucker"
by orbust January 03, 2012
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