A military term. Refers to rooting through an assortment of items and only taking what you want/need. It usually involves opening up a package or something shrinkwrapped, taking the desired item(s) and leaving the rest behind for the next unsuspecting individual.

Term is used in the Infantry division of the Army when someone opens up an MRE (meal ready to eat) package and only takes the candy/cookies. This leaves the next person to a meal with no treat.
"Some asshole ratfucked my MRE and took the Tootsie Pop!"

"Who ratfucked the Costco potato chip assortment and only took the Doritos?"

"You dick. You ratfucked the mini-cereals and only took the Apple Jacks".
by Mrs. Stiteler June 19, 2009
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Origin: USMC
To steal or disorganize items that do not belong to you.
Office: Don't let George ratfuck my files while I am gone next week.
Military: Who ratfucked the MREs?
by Whorton August 29, 2003
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Politics: Formerly known as "the double-cross," it refers to infiltration and sabotage of the opposition party, particuarly during (but not limited to) an election campaign. The second half of "All the President's Men" describes ratfucking done to 1972 Democratic presidential candidates by employees of the Committee to Re-Elect Nixon.
Ken Clawson, Nixon's communications director, confessed to a ratfuck when he told how he forged a letter making it look like a Democratic candidate was a racist.

A typical ratfuck is to falsely claim there's a political rally for the opposition party, order 300 pizzas for delivery in the name of the party, and then nobody shows up.
by Jay Young September 30, 2006
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We sure ratfucked the 4th floor girls when we stole all their shower curtains.
by CruJones February 6, 2006
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A total mess. Like a clusterfuck, or an all-around fuck-up.
OMFG, I can't believe you invited Scott's ex to the party, it was a total ratfuck.
by The_Incubator March 31, 2003
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1. In politics, the use of "dirty tricks" to discredit one's opponent(s). This often takes the form of false or semi-false accusations spread through underhanded means. The term was coined in the 1960s by Hunter S. Thompson and Bob Woodward. The art of ratfucking was brought into the public eye by Karl Rove. Among his ratfucking accomplishments are the 2000 GOP South Carolina primary and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

2. Sexual intercourse with rats.
Common usage on blogs: "Those rats ain't gonna fuck themselves, people!"

When rumors began to spread that Senator Booger had fathered secret quintuplets, he immediately suspected ratfucking from his opponent.
by Hann1bal January 24, 2010
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Brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in the book on the fall of Richard Nixon, All The President’s Men, ratfucker was Nixon’s term for a political operative who sows chaos among opponents; an agent provocateur. It is thought to have originated among campus political rivalries at USC, and seems to have some usage in the US military.
Along with Nixon’s other ratfuckers, Roger Stone caused fights at otherwise peaceful Democratic Party protests to generate a false narrative that the Democrats were violent and dangerous.
by Ricky Ramjet November 3, 2017
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