1. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
2. United States Marine Corps; the best damned fighting force in the world.
by MGySgt, USMC October 5, 2003
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United States Marine Corps.

Currently operating as their own branch of the US Military, the USMC was originally infantry for the US Navy. What is not commonly known (even among Marines) is that to this day the USMC is still officially part of the Navy. While they may operate independently of the Navy, the USMC has never technically been made its own branch.

Generally, Marines tend to despise the Navy (as well as the Army and Air Force) and its members, regarding them as inferior. This being the case, pointing out that the USMC is part of the Navy is often the simplest way to anger a Marine. Angering a Marine can be very funny or very stupid. Do so at your own risk.
The USMC is technically, officially, and administratively part of the Navy.
by GAWII July 22, 2008
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whoever wrote number 7, who states that the Marine Corps is, to this day, a department of the navy:

This is a true statement.

And the statement referring to angering a Marine by throwing this in their face:

This is a partly true (depending on who you say it to) and mostly FALSE statement. Here's why.

You say USMC is a department of the Navy. What you failed to recognize is that they are the MEN'S DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY!

The USMC is a department of the Navy- the men's department. :)
by cherry6baby9 October 12, 2009
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(1) University of Science, Music, and Culture
(2) Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
(3) Uncle Sam's Mountain Climbers
(4) United States Marine Corps (the world's finest fighting force)
Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Science, Music, and Culture (USMC), always preferred hands-on whoopass to theory.
by FormerMarinefromOregon December 14, 2005
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Gods finest creation on his green planet also
a department of the navy...the MENS department. While the Navy sits and drinks coffee the real men in the USMC shoot, kill, destroy virtually anything in his or her path lead anywhere between and up to the point of his or her intended Objective.
Navy seaman: this needs to be destroyed...overnight could you boys over that the USMC take care of it.

Marine LCPL: sure can do squid sit back and enjoy your coffee

Navy seaman: thats what those tax dollars pay for.
by SEXinSLC August 11, 2008
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