This is when two or more males engage in mutual masturbation, then dock each other just before they ejaculate. The docking must last as long as it takes for the cum to harden on both of their dicks. After that, they must attempt to separate the heads of their dicks in the most painful ways possible.
I used to be a pariah like you until I Richard Nixoned 78 thirteen-year-old boys.
by Yopmail User April 12, 2023
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A crook.

Also, President of the United States from 1969-1974. His accomplishments included officially recognizing China, keeping a steady hand on the economy, managing the war in Vietnam with a reasonable level of competence, and completely destroying Americans' faith in their political system for generations to come by having the balls to create a massive criminal surveillance infrastructure then desperately trying to cover it up while becoming the laughingstock of the media.

Also, said "Sock it to me" on Laugh-In once. That was cool.
"Hey look, it's Richard Nixon!"
by MarkusRTK November 8, 2004
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A foreplay manuver where a person places each hand (making the peace symbol) on either side of a woman's breasts, pushing them together. Then the person sticks their face in the woman's cleavage and shakes his/her head back in forth while saying, "I am not a crook." Preferably using a voice similar to Former President Richard Nixon.
Bob gave Deanna a Richard Nixon when they were fooling around one night.
by KinoSupremo September 9, 2009
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The act of giving a hand-job without the use of spit or lube.
Bob: "How did it go last night?"
Pete: "Could've gone better. She gave me a Richard Nixon."
Bob: "Oh Shit. So your shit's all raw?"
Pete: "Yep!"
by StevieBones December 29, 2011
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A sexual maneuver during which two women stand naked, side by side. A third person sits on the floor at the feet of the two women, facing the same direction as the them. This person extends his arms out and slightly up, with two fingers in each of the two girls' vaginas. This looks very similar to the "peace" sign Richard Nixon did upon boarding a plane in a that famous video clip.
"Well, we went skinny dipping, and after Amy and Cassie were standing beside the pool getting ready to dry off, I sat down and gave them a Richard Nixon! They loved it."
by Jim D. from PSU October 20, 2006
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Best president ever. Sure he had the watergate scandal but think about it, he did what EVERY president does, except he got caught. The best always get caught. But he was smart, he kept his name clean by resigning instead of being impeached.
To know what Richard Nixon did just check the items in your home...who do you have to thank for all those things made in China...definately NOT Bush!!!
by psycolizard February 11, 2006
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The 37th president of the United State. One of the best presidents who ever lived. Did more in his time in office than any other president.
Wow that was amazing you mmust be Richard Nixon
by Sam Fisher February 25, 2005
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