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1. A confection made with honey and LSD. Abbie Hoffman referred to it simply as Honey in one of his books.

2. A confection made with honey and marijuana fried together.

1 heaping teaspoon of marijuana.
2 or 3 tablespoons of honey.
Put grass in a dry frying pan. Fry the grass over a low to medium fire for about five minutes, stirring it to be sure it doesn't burn. It is done when it begins to turn brown and wisps of smoke appear. Heat the honey (Important). While the honey is still warm, add the fried grass and mix it well. The honey completely coats the grass, and when you eat it it just slides down your throat. Serves one.
During a concert in the mid 70s, Neil Young told how he made his voice deeper by eating honey slides, and gave the recipe.
by Jay Young April 29, 2004
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A very badly written sword and sorcery novella. It was written in the 1970s by 16-year-old Jim Theis and features the adventures of a wandering swordsman called Grignr. While the story does in fact have a plot to it -- a very standard one much like the Conan the Barbarian stories -- it is so badly executed that it has passed into the legends of science fiction fandom.
A scintillating, many fauceted scarlet emerald, a brilliant gem seeming to possess a life all of its own. A priceless gleaming stone, capable of domineering the wealth of conquering empires...the eye of Argon.
by Jay Young May 23, 2005
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1. A British party gag confection. Shaped like an actual bomb made out of dark chocolate, filled with smaller candies inside. It is made to be lit and set off like a firecracker.

2. A cocktail made from an ounce each of Kahlua and coconut rum mixed with chocolate milk in an old-fashioned glass.
1. Harold, if you're going to light that chocolate bomb at little Hilary's birthday party, I do hope that you will be good enough to take it outdoors.

2. Meanwhile, Hilary and her darling little friends had gotten into the liquor cabinet and were busily engaged in mixing chocolate bombs.
by Jay Young September 14, 2005
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An autistic person. Popularized in the books of Donna Williams, an autistic writer.
Jessica Park, who does cool paintings of bridges and buildings, is an autie.
by Jay Young April 19, 2005
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n. 60s slang: One who takes LSD or other psychedelics in a peaceful setting, as kind of a meditation aid. They hope to gain self-insight and to learn more about how they can live in harmony with God or the universe.
Stephen Hill's "Music from the Hearts of Space" radio show has great music for mind trippers.
by Jay Young April 24, 2005
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1. Going smoothly, doing all right. Copacetic.

2. Proceeding quickly.

This expression may have originated in Scotland, where it's the title of a popular children's song. A song called "Everything Is Tickety-Boo" was recorded by Danny Kaye as part of the film "Merry Andrew".

This expression is heard more often in Canada nowadays. May have originated in the British military. Possibly related to the Hindi expression "tickee babu", meaning "everything's alright, sir". Some people spell it "diggity boo" or "tiggity boo".
Everything is tickety-boo, tickety-boo, tickety-boo...
by Jay Young December 24, 2005
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Also means "I, with God's help" or "I, with God-in-me". Often used in place of "me". Because the people's Identity was destroyed in slavery, Identity is very important in RastafarI -- so I gets capitalIzed a lot. They pronounce the I's strongly in reggae songs. Emperor Haile Selassie I is not "the First" but "Haile Selassie *I*."
I and I build the cabin
I and I plant the corn
Didn't my people before me
slave for this country?

Jah Bob Marley
by Jay Young January 15, 2004
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