An archaic phrase once used to signify public listings of a person's name, address and phone number in a phonebook.
1. If you need to reach me, I'm in the book.

2. I tried looking you up in the book, but you're unlisted.
by Nickadoo December 11, 2018
guy #1: dude if you keep doing this you're gonna be in the book
guy #2: i thought we were friends man
by zipper630 October 8, 2006
The phrase that defines streamer xQcOW's slot machine gambling addiction.
-*Mindlessly has xQcOW's stream on 3rd monitor*
-"BOOK BOOK BOOK!" suddenly screams through your headphones as xQcOW sees a second book appear in the slots, just before he is inevitably disappointed when a third book doesn't appear.
-*Ears ring from the tinnitus you now have*
by jmaddyboiii April 25, 2021
a filipino FOB.
originated in Hawaii
thak girl look so book book.
by BANi June 12, 2006
book-book: a traditional hard copy, paper book with pages, as opposed to an e-book.
Although e-books are more portable, I still prefer to read an old-fashioned book-book.
by A.D.D. LIBRARIAN August 2, 2011
To perform an action at an increased rate of speed.
Example; "Jane knew she was going to be late for class, she knew her only chance to make it was to start booking it!"
by DUECZ February 7, 2018
Mutiple definitions,

1. An elephant with boiling hot explosive diarrhea with mental issues.

2. The spirit of your dead gerbil that came back to life to haunt you.

3. The cheese in between your toes.
1. "I saw a book at the airport yesterday!"

2. "My gerbil came to life to haunt me so I called Justin Bieber to help me bust that damn book!"

3. "I had a lot of books in my toes so I scraped it into my moms mouth while she was sleeping."
by Danny DeVito's Eyelash November 8, 2022