1. (Noun) A person who rhymes usually to a beat and using urban slang
***Regaurdless of the Stereotype, a rapper can be of any race. Latino, White and of Course black. Black people were the pioneers and continue today to be the most successful rappers- however that does not mean a black man should be selfish and keep anybody from being involved in an art that they discovered. Eminem is a lyrical Genius and one of very few talented white Rhymers. Sen Dog (from cypress hill) is a wonderful example of a skilled latino rapper. Swifty McVay is an amazing rapper of the many in BLack ones who are.***
Wow that rapper can rhyme any word he is given
by Slug February 07, 2004
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An emcee. Someone who writes poetry and speaks it to a rhythm. Underrated artform, a way of self expression through creative lyricism. Assosiacted uncorrectly with overuse of swear words and talking about drugs and bitches: this only applies to a minority of rappers. They are not talentless, singing is easier than rapping, I should know, I do both.
That guy is a rapper.
by DReaver13 September 13, 2003
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A dirt bag circus clown who can't walk, talk, dance, sing nor wear clothes properly.
Check out those rappers the circus must be in town.
by Lays Chips April 11, 2010
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A bunch of stupid idiots, with no musical talent who disrespect women and have no deep feelings or thoughts.
They are talentless gay Rappers, who loves men.
by Jessica Chainsaw May 26, 2008
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Used to be a formal word to describe an urban street-poet. Now it describes anyone who can make up as many cuss words within one minute or talk obscenely about drugs, violence, sex, and money while playing an infinitely-looped drum or synth sample in the background.
Puff Daddy and Eminem are not real rappers.
by AYB February 23, 2003
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RAPPERS ARENT THE SAME AS GANGSTA RAPPERS so why dont you ingorant retards learn about true rap before you say "rap is all about drugs, sex, and violence!"
dumbass bitches, learn about rappers.
by aguynamedandy September 28, 2005
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