I felt her apology was merely a charade and I did not accept it.
by Morgan T November 10, 2006
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Something or someone that is false, lame, or foolish. Pronounced shuh-rahd, as the British do. Believed to have been popularized by the Pink Floyd song Pigs (Three Different Ones), and a South Park episode homaging to that song. It can be used as an exclamation as well as a noun.

"Yo, I just bombed that math test!"

"Ha ha, Charade you are!"


"Yo I just banged your girlfriend!"
by Killer Meme March 16, 2010
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a game where players act out a phrase, movie title, book title, or tv show name.
Also, the most amusing game to play on extremely long bus rides to and from Florida, preferably when the clues are difficult and require acting out elements of Napolean Dynamite (ex. hash brownies)
Note, pointing to things outside the bus/things people are doing on the bus or talking ruins the fun of charades.
I owned that game of charades, my partner guessed the clue in 5 seconds.
by lorlila March 22, 2005
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like real charades. except dirty. and more fun. watch your drunk friend act out dirty sanchez or donkey punch. comedy at its best.
caution: often ends up in all out brawls over the rules. even though there are none.
"dude, we were playing xxx charades and rachel had to act out t-bagging. she ended up punching someone in the face."
by tendonitis September 1, 2008
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Small 3/4 Cylinder car designed and built for people without lots of money. A turbo version was also produced in limited numbers. The Daihatsu Charade will make most people in 6 cylinder cars shit themselves as it overtakes them.
Commodore/Falcon wanker: "Holy shit dude, what the fuck was that?"
Passenger: "Dude, I think that was a Daihatsu Charade!"
by 92G100 January 6, 2012
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The act put up when one doesn't get enough sleep or wants others to think that they didn't get enough sleep, often used in early mornings at the office or in school.
jack: yo I'm so tired.
John: oh my god, i didn't fall asleep till 4am
Anotonio: stop with the tired charade i've heard this every morning for the past month
by BenUlan September 30, 2009
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The modern re-invention of the classic game charades. It is usually played with two people on each 'team'. You have to listen to the track that is playing, usually random ones, and each person on that team mimics the song title until people on different teams guess the name of the song.

Not strictly applied to iPods but other mp3 players with a display.
Team 1: *hugging themselves and then putting hands together and reaching for the sky*

Team 2: "Um... Cosy? Yeah. What... Oh! 'Cosy In The Rocket' by Psapp (Grey's Antatomy Theme Tune)

iPod Charades can sometimes last alot longer than this!
by Marcus Buscough October 29, 2008
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