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A dangerous genre of dancing related to heavy metal/rock music. Usually done in crowded areas by pushing, shoving and jumping. The denser frontal part of a concert gig will usually have the crazier stunts such as trampling and crowd surfing.
Moron: I tried to crowd surf but I was trampled and got a concussion.

Moron 2: Idiot.
by ariel June 11, 2004
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When you're going nowhere, but EVERYONE is in your way.
Side effects of moshing may include, but are not limited to: light-headedness, bruises, bloody noses, broken noses, loss of balance, and in extreme cases unconsciousness.

Also, everyone who is in your way will be out of your way, unless you're doing it wrong.
by Jowithoutan E May 04, 2009
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A hectic, sometimes very violent, form of dancing usually done at concerts for punk, hardcore, metal or hard rock bands. Usually takes place at the front area of the floor, near the stage, in a crowd of people. When one moshes, a gap in the crowd emerges and somebody runs into the middle wildly flailing or swinging their arms and legs. In some cases people take turns moshing; one person enters the open area and moshes, then goes back to the edge, then another enters and moshes before leaving and making way for another person. However it is more common for many moshers to enter the space at the same time, creating a makeshift pit in the crowd filled with punching, kicking, and swinging of the limbs. Thus this crowd of moshers is called a mosh pit. Mosh pits can vary in size.

NOTE: Mosh pits can be extremely dangrous; countless cases of injuries have occurred in mosh pits. It is very common to be strongly punched or struck in the face when in a mosh pit. When a pit forms near an unwilling concertgoer, they and all others around the edge hold out their elbows and arms in defensive stances in order to create a buffer zone for the pit. And lastly, mosh pits can sometimes form unexpectedly, almost anywhere in a crowd. So fellow concertgoers should constantly take caution to look for them if they don't want to be caught in the middle of the mosh pit.

SEE ALSO: Circle Pit, Wall of Death
John: I was at the Bring Me The Horizon concert last night and sooooo many people were moshing! Eventually the lead singer called out to see a mosh pit and a huge one began to form right in the middle of the crowd.

Eric: Dude, that's insane. Did you get hit?

John: Yeah, at one point I got caught in the middle for a second and somebody punched me right in the face. The concert was still awesome though.
by Exidor77 March 14, 2011
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There are many definitions for moshing on the urban dictionary, mostly involving metal heads. Nobody bothered with the punk side of moshing. Moshing at a punk show isn't beating people up, it's dancing out your anger, usually in a more violent form of skanking. It can involve things like spinning, jumping, and piggy back rides, usually in a circle pit. When you fall down in a mosh pit at a punk show, people help you up instead of trampling you. Tere is usually an unspoken code of conduct that everyone follows, except that one asshole that everyone hates. Moshing is really fun and stress relieving, and you sleep like a baby afterwards. You get bruises a lot of the time
I went to see the vandals last night and I moshed so had I slept for 18 hours. Moshing is so much fun!
by Malicious Mischief June 15, 2013
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a dance done during rock shows in tight places by hitting others and crashing into them
hey fred were you moshing in the moshpit ?
by frenchfuck May 05, 2004
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A dancing style closely associated with heavy/rock music. When people mosh they often knock into other people and move their head in time to the music. A group of people all moshing is called a mosh pit.
The people were all moshing to the music.

Everyone joined in the mosh pit.
by Becx December 21, 2003
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1. A rock related dance which involves jumping up and down in a "mosh pit" full of fellow rockers to rock and heavy metal music.

2. The most amazing feeling in the world, after sex.
Person 1: *jumps up and down*
Person 2: *jumps up and down*
Person 3: ... you get the idea ...
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
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