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Randomism is more than a word, its a way of life. This thread origionated on a graffiti forum, and has no spread all over. So many cats bite Ares' randomism, its not even funny.
Yo Ares, randomism is where its at.
by Ares May 06, 2004
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Practically an Ideology in comedy and is used by comedians to generate humour. The concept of "Randomism" is where a person just says the completely most unexpected thing in order to get a laugh. The idea is to be as random as possible with topics.
Lee Evans, Steven Wright, Emo Phillips, Lee Mack, Dylan Moran are all comedian examples of these randomists.

E.g. The Comedian Dylan Moran uses "Randomism" in his stand up
by Billy Benny Benji February 13, 2008
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The religion (or idea) in which individuals have faith that everything that happens is random.

The belief that any sequence of random letters mean something.

Someone who belongs to the randomism church is a randomist
The clock stops working
Person 1: What the heck?
Person 2 (randomist): Everything is random
Person 1: You believe in randomism?

Person 1: What is that supposed to mean?
Person 2 (randomist): Well, it mean something
by htmlvb January 02, 2011
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