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Someone told me Michelle deserved to win Pop Idol, and I was LMFAO
by Hmm. December 24, 2003
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A laugh so powerful that it's basically saying that you laughed your ass that was fucking so much that your ass literally fell off.
Guy 1: Yo look at this meme!
Guy 1: Uhhhmmm.. yeah that was funny and all but why are there literally 2 giant pair of cheeks rolling across the floor now..?
by warp_d June 26, 2022
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LMFAO is a Chinese hacker, he works for the Koreans, he has a brother named LMBFAO and a sister named LMAO who also work with him.
Dude, did you hear that LMFAO just hacked the government and bombed Hawaii?
by WhoisLMFAO June 5, 2020
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He's a hacker, he's a Chinese hacker. LMFAO, he's working for the Koreans isn't he
by qpwoeirutydman April 29, 2021
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When a female texts you 'LMFAO' and nothing else, she does not like you.
Guy: *Texting girl*
Girl: *Texts guy back*
Guy: *Shares something about himself that is mildly funny*
Guy (thinking): damn, she doesnt like me
by geoofthe2 December 16, 2019
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1. Laughing my fucking ass off

2. Name of a Hip Hop band with currently 6 songs on one album called LMFAO. Their Website is
1. "I'm a newfag can someone tell me how to green text?"


2. "I just listened to Yes by LMFAO"
by August 24, 2008
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