LMFAO is a Chinese hacker, he works for the Koreans, he has a brother named LMBFAO and a sister named LMAO who also work with him.
Dude, did you hear that LMFAO just hacked the government and bombed Hawaii?
by WhoisLMFAO June 05, 2020
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1. Laughing my fucking ass off

2. Name of a Hip Hop band with currently 6 songs on one album called LMFAO. Their Website is http://www.myspace.com/lmfaouno
1. "I'm a newfag can someone tell me how to green text?"


2. "I just listened to Yes by LMFAO"
by Anonymous@Anonymous.com August 24, 2008
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No, this isn't the fucking acronym.

A terrible band that takes a synthesizer and 2 microphones and a computer and makes millions of dollars from poorly written lyrics and said tools. Their hit song, Party Rock Anthem, neither sounds like a party or rock, more like a rave or hemorrhaging piece of shit. Do not listen to them. Their only half-decent song is I Am Not a Whore, and that's like picking the cleanest dirty shirt in a shit-pile.
Jim: "Hey did you hear the new LMFAO song?"
Al: "No I have a taste in music and you sound like a 13 year old girl."
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LMFAO is an acronym for “Let My Fucking Anointing Overflow”, used primarily by BadChristians and other Christians who are not offended by profanity.
I am preaching tonight’s service guys, LMFAO!
by WebstersBest July 29, 2018
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Let Me Fuck Another Orifice. When certain openings are not available.
Since you're on the rag LMFAO!
True Text story...
Husband: Honey am I gonna get some tonight?
Wife: Not til I pull the plug.
Husband: What does that mean?
Wife: I'm on my period.
Husband: LMFAO
Wife: What does that Mean? Never Mind I figured it out and the answer is No...The last time we did that it hurt too much!
Husband: What do you think LMFAO means?
Wife: Let me Fuck Another Orifice!
by Toddeo September 10, 2009
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