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The new teenager generation, born into a culture dominated by 'Pop Media'. Modern Pop Media is the corporate driven marketing force behind the modern day MTVeenager's mentality and lifestyle.

The sum of an MTVeenager's concerns are as follows:

* Mobile Telephones and associated products (ring tones, wallpapers, etc)
* MTV and the latest chart music
* Hollywood produced "blockbuster" films.
* Clothes fashions (catering for both the mainstream and alternative markets (punks, goths) - both of which are equally as commercial as each other.
* Rebelling against Pop Culture (Please note, those who choose to rebel against Pop Media by dressing "alternatively" or listening to "alternative" music are equally as guilty of conformity as those who choose to embrace Pop Media.)

The greatest crime of the MTVeenager is living a lifestyle based upon the choices made by the market forces behind Pop Media and the approval of their own peers (See: Fashion), rather than through their own personal preferences.

You may find examples of the MTVeenager on this very website. Here follows a guide to spotting the breed:

(See: Metal) Notice users commenting on how certain bands are "not metal" and others are "real metal" (and those who choose to listen to anything else are clearly less capable of detecting musical ability within their preferred choice of music) - This behaviour is fuelled by the desire to purposefully not listen to mainstream music due to a need to seem more discering than their peers, a classic symptom of being an MTVeenager.

You will find the very same behaviour relating to all areas of the MTVeenager's culture. Their tastes are driven either by advertising or a desire to be a non-conformist. Therefore, we may assume that a vast proportion of all teenagers are MTVeenagers and are incapable of embracing their true personal preferences due to a desire to either 1) Conform to Pop Media or 2) Conform to "alternative" sub-cultures.

This leads us to conclude that our future adult generation is composed of the same unintelligent, socially inept, greedy, small minded and prejudiced people as of previous adult generations. Thankfully, this means we are in no danger of progressing the human race into more insightful ways of behaviour.

And yes, I do realise that this definition contains high levels of irony and hypocrisy, as I too am an MTVeenager like you.
* Preps, Jocks, Nerds, Geeks, Goths, Punks, Greebos, Stoners, Skaters and anybody who doesn't fit into any of those categories but is aged between 12 and 20 years old.

All of which are MTVeenagers.
by Pip January 25, 2005
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