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The act of limiting ones options to a single track, irregardless of other options; grabbed by the proverbial balls and yanked towards a single destination.
"She railroaded me into this marriage by getting pregnant."

"I was railroaded by my in-laws into this vacation."
by lrryhll June 04, 2014
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A jack off buddy (from 'cum' /'come', meaning 'semen', and 'companion'); a friend that you get together with for sessions of solo or mutual masturbation
Variant of: cumpanion (from 'companion' & 'cum'); jack off buddy & wank bud & JO buddy
Similar to: fuck buddy
My bf and I used to really get it on together, but now it's just the occasional cumpadre wank
by Gladys Pipps-Knightley May 14, 2007
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The act of being stopped by a train, usually when in a hurry. Can contain the act of the train stopping, going backwards, going forward again, and then slowly rolling away after 20 minutes of anger.
Terre Haute is a terrible town because you cannot go from one side of the city to the other without getting railroaded.
by dsap54 March 23, 2010
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When you start a conversation with someone and they talk non-stop, asking questions but talking over your answers. Eventually, you have to ask to stop them repeatedly to stop just to be able to respond.
"So I answered the phone and this bitch immediately railroaded me with her 99 problems. I told her to shut the fuck up - and listen to me."
by BlancoNino #2 July 12, 2017
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Well I'm going off my basic context clues here and I doubt that its about anal intercourse like the other idiot on here said about railroaded. But I think that it means that your funneling in as in they're ignoring everything else and just sending them right there. Can be used by gamers or cops or who ever.

Look down for some horrible examples.
1. Dude 1: You see that nerd frag that whole team. Damn!

Dude 2: Yea man, he railroaded they're ass.

2. Cop 1: Fuck Due Process your ass is going in the pen.

Cop 2: RAILROADED bitch...
by phatkid1221 November 24, 2009
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Anal intercourse of such vehemence that the reciever is pushed forward a significant distance.
Suzy: "Josh f'ing railroaded me right off the bed last night! I almost broke my platella from the fall."
by Ian February 11, 2005
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1. To be harshly, intensely high off of marijuana and the like. Typically associated with high grade hash or kush, used in the sense that one has been hit so hard by the high that the effect is similar to a freight train slamming into them.
Man, after 4 fat ass joints, two huge grape blunts, and two fat bowls out of Jack's pipe, me and the gang were straight railroaded last night.
by TheWeedHead November 21, 2013
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