When a group of men, one after the other, take on relations with a man or woman - usually from behind.
"After we went to the movies on Saturday, we all went back to the house to pull a train on Dave's sister - without Dave, of course."
by tosser June 28, 2006
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Having sex with several men one after another. First used in the motorcycle gangs of the 1960's. When a woman wanted to gain status as a gang "Mamma" she was required to have sex with all the male memebers of the gang.
Also used to describe a gang rape.
by Avery B September 4, 2005
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To be the willing recipient of a sex act from a series of people (sometimes anonymously).
Janet pulled a train at the party in the back bedroom when she fucked a dozen guys; or, Henry sucked off everyone at the club in the men's room because he always fantasized about pulling a train.
by Schleven September 21, 2018
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1.When a woman has sex with a series of men, one after another.
2. When a woman performs oral sex with one man while receiving doggie-style sex from another man.
Polly Perkins was caught pulling a train with Rick Von Sloneker and his friends.
by ChicaDificil March 17, 2006
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A reference to the position of being the subject of a gang bang.
Mario and his friends got Cheryl to pull the train in the park mens room.
by Kendon February 8, 2005
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Female who takes on 3 or more men in sexual intercourse at once. All participants present.
pulling the train of guys last night for Tracy was an easy task. Swallowing all their cum was slightly more difficult.
by Fun pair smith January 20, 2016
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A form of gay sex. When a gay man receives anal sex from multiple partners in succession. Sometimes performed anonymously, with the recipient blindfolded.
Steve was pulling a train last night and I can't believe that Larry wanted to be the caboose.
by kryvj December 20, 2010
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