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Tanya is the most intelligent and amazing girl you'll ever meet. She is genuinely kind and pure-hearted. At first, she may be a little quiet but once you get to know her, she's sassy, sarcastic and hilarious! Tanya is a person who has natural beauty and is absolutely stunning, but doesn't know it. She is a person who is trustworthy and an amazing friend. You should always have a Tanya around!
Person 1: *swoon* Who is that?! She's so pretty!

Person 2: Oh that's Tanya! She's such an amazing friend, I love her.

Person 1: Well what are we waiting for?! Introduce me!
by blablaexo November 07, 2016
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The coolest,most caring,and cutest girl that you could ever imagine.
Mostly found when you have lost all hope in life.
That Girl is a Tanya.
by Light_deathnote February 05, 2017
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Tanya is the most awesome person in the world, with her beautiful eyes, hair, face and body, also the most sexist person in the world. Tanya is the fun to be around with and is so funny. Tanya will never let you down and will do everything she can to help, she is also a person you can trust with everything.

I love you Tanya. JB+TR=4EVA!
Tanya is Bright, Smart, Beautiful, Sexy, loved by all, Awesome, Fun and everything else you can think of:)
by JB+TR=4EVA! February 07, 2013
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Tanya (of Russian origin meaning Princess) is a strong attractive virtuous woman that is destined for greatness. Ambitious, goal oriented, intelligent, loyal, caring, and trustworthy are just a few of her attributes. She is always ready to accept responsibility for her actions, improve her short-comings, and strive to be the best person she can be. She is one of kind.
She is such a cool person to be around; she must be a Tanya.
by JustLikeMe7 February 06, 2010
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An amazing woman with striking features and beautiful hair. Shes the kind of girl your buddies like, but also the type of girl you want to show off. She has an amazing appetite, but has a hot body. She is always adventerous in bed, and she is the type of girl that once you meet her, you can't get her off your mind. Sexy! She is a great friend to everyone, and never judges. Intelligence and sarchastic humor are her strong points.
He is so lucky to have such a Tanya.
by Fireman3555 February 04, 2010
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a one of a kind girl. always found having a great time. she is her own person. very passionate. great kisser. better friend. just an all around awesome human being.
Johnny- O my gosh, look at that gorgeous brunette.
Oliver- Which one?
Johnny- That tall one standing with those other girls, she is laughing and wearing those amazing shoes.
Oliver- Wow.
Johnny- Bet you a million dollars that her name is Tanya.
Oliver- No way, I'm not gonna take that bet. Her name couldn't be anything else.
by T=ThiZZ3L August 30, 2008
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