An overrated California railroad that struggled financially until they begged Union Pacific to buy them, even though many people who simp for them deny this
by JulianRailroad November 5, 2021
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"Transcontinental Railroad", that was once the most powerful and influential corperation in the world. That managed through hook and crook to get a Federal Court ruling that recognized a corperation the same as a living person. This ruling has sence influenced corperate power ( mostly for the worse ) across the board ever since, throughout the entire world. They were the "Wal-Mart" and "Microsoft" of the late 19th Century through the early 20th century!
Octopus Big Four Monopoly Southern Pacific
by railroadsamurai December 21, 2009
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A former class 1 railroad in the West & midwest around the US with it famous "Southern Pacific daylight passenger trains" and colorful freight locomotives it been acquired by the union Pacific in 1996 following by the BN/ATSF merger in 1995
Southern Pacific rolls on
by Vtuu February 1, 2021
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The Southern Pacific 4449, also known as the Daylight, and the most beautiful train in the world, is the only surviving example of Southern Pacific Railroad's GS-4 class of steam locomotives and one of only two GS-class locomotives surviving, the other being GS-6 4460. The locomotive is a streamlined 4-8-4 type steam locomotive. In 1976, the 4449 was painted Red, White, and Blue, and pulled the American Freedom Train around the continental United States. Southern Pacific 4449 also appeared in the 1986 movie Tough Guys as the Gold Coast Flyer. It was hijacked, and crashed through the mexican border in the movie.
'I just saw the most beautiful train in the world!"

"You mean Southern Pacific 4449?"

by hadhah September 12, 2019
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