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someone who goes beyond the bounds of regular jew tightness with matters of money
Erock did not pay for his childs excursion, what a rabbi
by potenza June 21, 2009
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Almost always used in conjunction with a Jewish holy man. Word originally simply meant teacher.

Although it is usually used with Judaism, the word is not Hebrew, it is Greek.
We need to have little Josh circumsized, call the rabbi.
by BillG April 21, 2005
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(noun) By metaphor from the Jewish religious role, an older, more powerful or higher-ranking person in the corporation where one works (but usually not in the chain of command) who can give good advice about office politics, and may be able to pull strings, remove heads, or otherwise provide protection from hostile forces.
"They tried to put me on the plank but I got on the horn to my rabbi and everything was fixed immediately."
by anarcissie May 16, 2008
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1) A trusted teacher/advisor/leader of a Jewish community. Most often, they are true intellects that do have good advice and insightful philosophies of the world.

2) The Arabic word for the season of Spring. Actually pronounced rabb-ee with a glottal stop at the end.
If a teacher's or doctor's advice doesn't seem to fill you with certainty, consult a rabbi.

Shamm Iniseem aw Eed al-rabbi', the Spring festival of Egypt, falls on the same day as the Christian Orthodox Easter every year.
by a_romijn October 16, 2005
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a jewish teacher, a leader of a jewish community, can be either a man OR a woman, contrary to beliefs of crazy old charedi men in jerusalem
person a "I went and talked to my rabbi today"
person b " oy and what did he say?"
person a "that i shouldn't kvell so much"
person b "what a wise man"
by ilovejews May 28, 2005
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A nice guy that teaches me my Torah portion so I can have a big Bar Mitzvah party when I am 13. I like him but wow, my Rabbi also can be a real Scrooge too. He told us and my parents, that part was bad, that there was no Santa Claus. So, I wrote a letter to Yenta Claus instead. What ever you do, just don't tell him about Yenta Claus. Ya, being Jewish is cool and I like lighting candles, eating latkes and all. But what about the Toys? What about that? I am a good kid too and am sick of being told we don't get a Santa!
Whatever you do or say or think, just don't be a Scrooge tell Rabbi Ebenezer that Yenta Claus is coming to my house! Or I'll get really mad and marry a pretty Shiska when I grow up.
by Max Kringle-MacaBeestein September 13, 2006
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