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A "holy kingdom" run by the corrupt Saudi family, who in 1922, boastfully named the land after themselves.
Kicked out the Hashemite king who once owned their holy cities of Makkah (Mecca) and Medina. His descendant is the current King of Jordan.

Saudi Arabia's main economy is oil production, which is very fortunate. All they have to do is sit back, pray to Allah to pump their oil, and millions of barrels are produced a day.
A country that promotes oppression and hinders human rights.
Full name: al-Mamlakah Arabiyah Assaudiyah
"I want to go to Saudi Arabia for the summer".
-"Sure, if you like seeing injustice under your very eyes."
by a_romijn September 19, 2005

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A talented singer from Lebanon with a great voice.
Gained some recognition with winning the Noujoum al-Moustakbal Contest, then took the Arab music world by storm with her 2003 release, Ya Salam.

Sadly, she has had three major surgeries done to her face.
"It's Nancy Ajram, not Agram. She isn't Egyptian."
by a_romijn October 16, 2005

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1) A trusted teacher/advisor/leader of a Jewish community. Most often, they are true intellects that do have good advice and insightful philosophies of the world.

2) The Arabic word for the season of Spring. Actually pronounced rabb-ee with a glottal stop at the end.
If a teacher's or doctor's advice doesn't seem to fill you with certainty, consult a rabbi.

Shamm Iniseem aw Eed al-rabbi', the Spring festival of Egypt, falls on the same day as the Christian Orthodox Easter every year.
by a_romijn October 16, 2005

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1) Plainly, a bald white man.
2) A skinhead (Neo-nazi).
3) An imbecile.
"Check out the chrome dome!"

"Laugh it up, cueball".
by a_romijn October 16, 2005

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A phrase used by fob Egyptians.
Roughly translated, it would mean "Whatever" or "Forget about the whole thing".

Sometimes used in excess, thus becoming unbearable for the surrounding party.
"Fucking homar, can't stand him!"
-"Hasal kher."

"She said 'hasal kher' 137 times yesterday."
by a_romijn October 02, 2005

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A French brand of unfiltered cigarette which, unfortunately, had its last factory close some years ago.
An incredibly wonderful, yet expensive cigarette.
"Why is this room so fucking smelly?"
by a_romijn October 16, 2005

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1.) Noun; blow, nose candy, coke, yayo, peruvian lady

2.) Verb; to snort/insufflate (1.)

South African slang in origin
"bust out that shnarf before going back in."

"michael shnarfed up all we had left."
by a_romijn March 06, 2010

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