Short for the TV show ''Rick and Morty''
bruh that new r&m episode is fuckin' insane
by November 29, 2019
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R&M May refer to these:
Repair and Maintenance,
Research and Monitoring,
Rick and Morty,
Reichle and De-Massari.
Teacher: You did no work in class today!
Student: Yes I did, I watched two episodes of R & M!

R&M is reference to Rick and Morty, an adult cartoon on Adult swim where an alcoholic grandad, Rick, brings Morty, a dim yet wise grandson, on crazy sci-fi adventures.
by FellowDescribersStudios April 28, 2017
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Maggie: Ahh! Just got back from the weekend spa. Got some much needed r&m.
Mary: *under breath* Bitch
by pshekpollack November 11, 2020
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Man, after today, i just need some R&M.
by Jizzle724 June 16, 2011
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R****M- Referring to the derogatory term, that begins with an R and ends with an M, and also rhymes with tandem.
“If you say R****M, you WILL get your wifi taken away”
by MARIOHEZONJASON February 7, 2021
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This is an abbreviation for "rape and murder". Use as a scale to rate women's attractiveness. Ugly and you would only m that. Hot you would r and m that. Angelina Jolie hot, you would r and m that, and then r it again.
Damn she is so fine, I would r and m that, and then r it again.
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