The one thing in our lives that disappears sometime between middle school and freshman year that dosen't come back until we are old and wrinkly and have nothing to do but watch our grandchildren.
Guy 1: Dude, when will I get some time to just sit and rest?
Guy 2: When you're 90. And What you want is relaxation... should of enjoyed it while you could.
by posioncupcake November 16, 2011
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Having an easygoing and mellow nature.
"Wow, Liz seems very relaxed...has she been smoking the ganja lately?"
by barz18 July 17, 2008
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A prescription drug that has two primary affects. The ability to induce coma like slumber all the while allowing bowel movement.
Bro A: "dude, you hear about the new drug relaxative?"

Bro B: "I hear it knocks you out and makes you feel like shit"
by suomynna December 23, 2011
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The one thing you shouldnt say to women/girls.
Ashley: so I went off on him and said...

Jacob: wow, relax

Ashley: U WOT M8
by dangling-grandpas January 1, 2015
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watching memes the day before an exam.
Person 1: I'm relaxing
Person 2: Dude we have a chem test tomorrow.
Person 1: Oh ummm
Person 2: Yeah that's what I thought. Shut up before I make you study.
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