Quality, value, convenience. TV program characterized by overly perky and talkative superhumans plugging things you never knew you needed, like compound flashlight/toolboxes, Thermolite & Polartec fleece earmuffs, revolving shoe trees, plaid pencil skirts with matching berets, and sweaters with snowmen appliqués. You're pretty sure you don't need these things, but the light refracting off them in a perfect elongated x shape entrances you. You must. Buy. The clothes steamer. You might need it one day. Even better, it's only $23 and change, and on 2 easy payments. How could you not?

Note: actual products listed.
I am in so much debt that QVC owns my house.
by peony staircase November 17, 2006
A pepega on twitch called xQc, who got the nickname qvc from a chess gm (barely)
Damn, did you see qvc being a pepega on stream today?
Yeah man that guy aint no 5head
by 5headmoxxer July 1, 2020
QVC stands for Queer Victims Channel or Quality Value Convience
Why are you watching QVC or the Queer Victims Channel?
by Ass-n-9 November 8, 2010
why are you guys showing me your jewellery what's this a "qvc" moment
by serena white October 7, 2003
To order useless things while high.
I just had a quilted vest with ducks on it delivered. Must be from a THC & QVC night.
An invitation to watch QVC together or as a euphemism for some form of sex, either as part of a romantic partnership or as a booty call. Like Netflix and chill but for middle age people.
Hey Wayne, do you want to QVC and chill? Okay Maria.
by BAZO January 3, 2019
A person who spends all their money ordering shit on QVC and then returning it.
I was horrified when I saw that aunt Mary spent over a thousand dollars a month on crap from QVC but when she told me she returned all but $20 worth of stuff I knew she was a real QVC crack head.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008