the affairs of the jewish people
my friend, zach, wears a yarmulke and engages in all other manner of jewellery every day.
by Jon Lopez June 23, 2004
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Shit jewellery made out of tin foil and pubic hair
Dave: Bobby, you lass is a right scruff. All she wears is that Bingley Jewellery
by Greg_the_Smeg February 12, 2019
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The Game is played by two or more players. The aim of the game is to wear your opponent like a ring!! (Bum hole only!!) Extra points are awarded for creativity, toe rings are a thing too!! The game is played in bouts per day, play with friends(not family!) All players must be conscious for the point to count. A joiner is when more than one finger (or toe) is used simultaneously in one turn. The words JEWELLERY GAME must be mentioned (preferably sung) whilst playing the game, so all players are aware they are about to win or lose. Some players like to award bonus points for winning the game with a single small toe! (This move is known as This Little Piggy)
The wood tech teacher who lobbed a couple of digits off massively reduced his chances of winning The Jewellery Game!
by Snowmeister_87 April 10, 2021
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A person or persons sitting on the deck of a sailing yacht making no useful contribution to the running of the boat.
"She's just Deck Jewellery sitting up there."
by BinoMan June 2, 2010
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Jewellery adorning the sexual organs.
Hey Mindy, was it your belt that set off the airport's metal detector? Nope, it was my downstairs jewellery.
by PP The Monkey April 4, 2011
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An inexpensive gift that a man gives to a lady; a pearl necklace that is not water resistant.
I spunked off on her neck, she'll have to make do with jelly jewellery.
by Ian Chode April 2, 2003
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Ejaculated semen that covers the face and neck of one's partner.
"What shall i wear for the banquet tonight?" asked Elizabeth.
"How about one's jelly jewellery" replied Phillip, whipping out his bacon bazooka in a trice.
by Dunky Oggins December 24, 2003
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