Describes something as very good. Used mainly by the British teenagers and the LPcool.
"Did you watch Ali G last night?"
"Yeah mate, it was quality"
by Louie Kay March 11, 2007
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When there are no higher words to use. Perfect to use in comical situations.
Like you may have just passed someone with a "quality" mullet, or what that person said when they were waiting on you, but you didn't want to laugh in their face. That my friend was a "quality moment" possibilities are endless....
by Crittercratter December 2, 2005
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Term used to describe something good
1)Did you watch the match last night?

"Yeah man it was quality"

2)"Wow she's hot that's quality man"

3)"That your new car damm that's quality"
by Harry69 June 26, 2010
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Quality is fitness to use or we can say quality is perception, because all the people in this world will not have a same opinion about same thing, no matter how good that thing is in your point of view. If a thing is fullfilling my needs then I can say that it has quality but that might not be the instance for others as well because others may not like what I like! therefore we make perception about things knowingly or unknowingly.
For ex:- If I order something from the market that I need urgently but wasn't delivered to me at the right time that I can say that XYZ company is not providing quality service but for some other person if delivery time is not a concern then he will not critisize the company for the same reason.
by Punchaa July 21, 2013
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The human race will soon die out and all that will be left are quality memes.
Quality Memes :ok_hand:
by ~{MysticFlame}~ July 26, 2018
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if it is said in sarcastic tone then meaning it is a piece of shit.
::messy homework:: well that is some quality work.
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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