A cheap staple food sold to gullible white middle-class people for many times its actual value.
Gullible white middle-class person: Oh, we only eat quinoa these days. It's more ethical than other crops; you can tell because it costs more, so it must be supporting the farmers who grow it.
by Flakey March 6, 2014
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A grain. Cook it like you would rice.
I had quinoa and roast vegetables for dinner.
by darius March 27, 2005
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a way to describe something that is very green, Eco-friendly, hippie mentality, ultra healthy living, way too relaxed.
That school is so quinoa, that don't have grades and all they do is sit on bean-bags all day playing on their iPhones.
Jenny is so quinoa; all she eats is blended vegetables, seeds and only drinks hint water.
by Rob Oto December 1, 2013
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A relatively young mother, typically aged about 28-40, who spends a great deal of time on Pinterest, pureeing their own kale and avocado baby food, wearing floppy felt hats, pacifying their children with iPads, and sheltering them from any and every hardship that may come their way (e.g. paper cuts or skinned knees).

They can often be found plying their kids (who are usually named something like Mason, Brody, Clay, Piper, or Lennon) with pistachio ice cream from the local farmer's market, shopping for a new maxi dress at Anthropologie, or enjoying some avocado toast after a hot yoga session.
GIRL 1: "Did you see the photo that Jennifer posted of her kid, Atticus, eating an acai bowl?"

GIRL 2: "I know. She's SUCH a quinoa mom."
by Soup Starr May 6, 2017
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Mom: Devin, you had better not be smoking Lucifer's Quinoa in there!
by dad b September 15, 2017
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The yellow rubbery chunks in semen that occur when a man doesn't ejaculate for long period of time. It's caused by sugars and proteins that coagulate because of excess testosterone that hasn't been released through regular ejaculation. The appearance of this type of semen resembles the delicious yet pretentious cooked grain qiunoa in a disgusting cream sauce.
After three weeks of abstinence, Jeff jizzed creamy quinoa all over Susan's face.
by Zubra April 1, 2018
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