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The other definitions here are actually wrong.Abstinence I the act of not doing, I.e abstaining from any choice that could be perceived as immoral. This can and often does refer to sex but can also refer to alcohol, drugs, or other things.
Matt wants to focus on his classes and will choose abstinence at the party.
by Kaon the Spirit December 12, 2013
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Something people like me do for reasons not always religious. I'm abstinent because I don't wanna be that girl who got pregnant when she was 15 and now has a McJob.
Abstinence is not always for religious reasons.
by ****^_^**** May 03, 2010
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basically waiting till you're married to have sex. strangely popular now that the jonas brothers do it - and because edward cullen made bella wait.
"So that's it? You won't sleep with me until we're married?" - Bella Swan.

by ilikesparkles May 30, 2009
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A choice. Choosing not to do something that you want to do. Self-control.

See Sexual Abstinence
"I guess I should abstain from shopping this weekend; my credit card is maxed!"

"Yeah, I've had sex before, but I'm choosing abstinence now. I don't want herpes on my balls."

"I drank a lot in high school, but got tired of it. I guess you could say I'm "abstaining"--whatever--I don't have to drink to have a good time."
by Audra L January 29, 2009
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It's a choice god dammit. Who cares if someone is a fat churchie, an atheist, skinny or whatever. It doesn't matter. If someone chooses abstinence good for them, if not, shut the fuck up.
Shut the hell up you whiny bastards. Abstinence is a choice that you can't force people to make. And for the sake of argument, I'm still a virgin so you can't say I'm on the side of having sex either.
by Fantastic Dan September 29, 2005
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