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Literal definition: A female queer

contextual definition: Someone you dislike a lot who has the qualities of a complete asshole/douche bag, and often have an awkward appearance.

Usually your whole group of friends continually and openly bash this person because of their stupid decisions and ignorant sayings.

No one likes the queed.

Kyle is such a queed.he says the most stupidest shit all the time

Man, this teacher is such a queed for giving us 3 hours of homework

That kid Jacob is the biggest queed I've ever seen.
by Sko'Bra April 20, 2009
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A derogatory name for a Hispanic person; to call a Hispanic person gay
Wow.. Enrique is such a queed!
by EL09 November 09, 2009
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someone who sniffs their own (or other peoples') farts
dan:"BRRRRRHHAP!" *inhales deeply*

mike: "dude ur such a queed!!!!"
by weenie hut jr November 29, 2010
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A person that does/has the characteristics of the following:

1) They act so queer its irritating to all 5 senses.
2) They have a really gay mustache.
3) They smell like they shat themselves while they were sleeping and didn't get up to change.


Queed Sack - Having multiple queeds living in the same residence, or having a bunch of queeds for friends.

Queed Nut - A stupid queed.

NOTE: You can also apply many other un-named meanings; such as queed breath, queed teeth, or queed knome; for use as insults.

Yo man, Andy is such a queed!

Stop this queedish behaviour!

Enough of this childish queed-baggery!

Stop acting like a queed!
by i_am_cooler_than_your_mom October 04, 2006
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Meaning awesome or all around cool. Basically Adrian and definitely not Josh. Cool or interesting. If you are queed you get all the girls.
hey man did you see that guy over there?

The one getting the blowjob and making out with that girl?

Yeah man, he is so queed.

Yeah i wish i was him...
by omgitsadri September 02, 2009
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A response generally brought on by ones stupidity or lack of common sense.
-Also see Douchebag under insultive proporties.
ex "Wow dude, could you possibly be a bigger queed"
by Dan Pattern November 09, 2006
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queer on weed- queer+weed-the 'r'-the w= queed.
"hey man that is so spiffy but foget about her lets get high and have sex!"
by some13yr.old-but-yet-so-younge November 02, 2004
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