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Enrique is someone whom can be very annoying at times. Yet, depite this, he can really be the person you most have been seeking to find. He is very funny, and will make you laugh out of no where. He can sometimes be a little dirty minded, but he doesn't necessarily take it to an extreme level. He actualy is very handsome and has many friends. Girls always fall for his looks. He never brags about himself unlesss it's to play around and he always has a sense of humor uppon him. The top person a girl could ever ask for. (Ect.)
Is that Enrique?! He's so fine!

Your so weird!
by Person.000. June 05, 2018
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the cutest guy at school. athletic but always injured. loves mma fights and Conor McGregor. all girls drool over him but he only has his eyes on one. definitely shy at first but once you bug them for a while they become your favorite person to talk to. easy to fall for him. doesnt like to be wrong, because hes always right (somehow) dirty minded, VERY dirty minded. good kisser, gives great hugs, pretty much everything you would want in a boyfriend.
damn hes cute, he must be enrique
by kass. November 19, 2016
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A stereotyping term, often used for mexicans or hispanics.
Phil: Waddaya say, Enrique?
Phillipe: My name is Phillipe, Dumbass.
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by pill cosby March 23, 2017
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damn i wanna be that guy

he fucked every bitch on the campus hes such an enrique
shit that guy must have the biggest dick cuz i constantly hear screaming
by check out my user name March 05, 2013
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