Another term for a vagina. As seen on Ali G.
by Rekk55 July 18, 2003
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a female sex oragan,,pussy,cunt,vagina
god man i need some punnanie
by wade nordal June 14, 2006
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female cuch hole, otherwise known as pussy or vagina. Very pleasing hole.
by Anonymous June 4, 2003
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slang term to refer to best breast friends that you hated in middle school but became very close with in high school. can be cut down to "punn" for tight time-purposes or as a nickname.
"your my best punn"
"Punnani, come over here!!"
"Punn i need help."
by the non-stop erotic cabert January 21, 2006
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someone who is the undisputed king of pussy at a given school/country.
"Punnani King Eckert is the Punnani King of the entire US."
by Punnani King October 9, 2009
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a smell which develops off of a womens vagina causing vomiting and loss of conciousness.
I was going down on her when her punanny stank hit me knocking me into an unconcious state in which I barely survived
by Kaleb March 18, 2003
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