Punn: (v) to punch, hit, or strike

The word punn itself is thought to be originally a contraction of the (now archaic) pundigrion. This latter term is thought to have originated from punctilious, which itself derived from the Italian puntiglio (originally meaning "a fine point"), diminutive of punto, "point", from the Latin punctus, past participle of pungere, "to prick."

Modern Use:
The word today is used in slang, especially on the streets of major East Coast cities. Use of the word is often a sign that violence may break out as it's connotation is much more severe than punching and refers to not just a hit but a destructive blow.

Unfortunately, suburban teens and college students have re-popularized this term, decreasing the power of this word. The word “punn” is used as a pun for “pun”. For example:<br>
Person 1: “If you show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I'll show you A-flat minor.”<br>
Person 2:”I should punn you for that pun!”

The first and only large exposure of the word to the mainstream media happened during the 1989 "Greekfest" riots of 1989 in the city of Virginia Beach, VA. Much of the rioting simply looting due to vacationing college students being made unwelcome by the city, however several instances of related violence were a result of gang rivalries that broke out in the chaos. One instance was caught on camera with two opposing males verbally threatening each other. In this instance "punn" was used as a verb and footage was aired on several local news channels.

In 1991 the word was once again broadcast on WJLA Washington during the Mount Pleasant riot in Washington DC. This instance showed that the use of the word was spreading along the east coast (Washington DC is located 200 miles from Virginia Beach) and was also seen by many more viewers.

As a result the word's popularity skyrocketed and was sometimes seen throughout the early 1990's. It was used in the 1995 hit movie Top Dog starring Chuck Norris.

Since that time the use has dwindled. Although never a very popular insult, it's use was very powerful in regions where the term was well known (much more than even strong vulgarities).
by Brian T January 15, 2006
ayy bruhh i wuzz gonna bone ma punn lazz nite but chose not 2..
by WS.WHISPER.SJ-->{408} September 10, 2009
When some one do a good, It is said the person done a punn
by Bobby Punn May 23, 2008
He is an All rounder! Has personality disorder and is a little cold but can make anyone fall for him! He loves to play violin and loves to cook! He can put up a fight for a long time! short but handsome af! He looks similar to gun attaphan but his personality is totally opposite!
Hey who is that handsome guy
Don't you know him, he is punn taweesilp
by Karinshike November 25, 2021