A popular fictional character in the UK well known for his satire and interviews of certain politicians and other high class Britons which all originated from a Channel 4 show called "The 11 O' Clock Show".

From then on he became very popular on the show until the show was axed and Ali G ended up having his own show as well as his own film called "Ali G In Da House". Probably most famous for starring in Madonna's music video for "Music" as well as other various appearances.
Famous Ali G quotes:

"Who was da first British King, was it King Dong?"
by Spiceymike February 4, 2004
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The coolest guy on the planet who had a contract with HBO to make 2 seasons, who should seriously consider making another season.

The popinickels of him not being able to do a third season is that he is becoming increasingly popular, severly limiting the amount of interviews he can hold with famous peeople & officials.

One more thing to love about his show is Borat, the funniest Kazakhstani Mustache Dude who seems to get the best of me everytime I watch it.
I say, put Ali G back on the air and send him to India where no one owns a TV so he can interview people who like cows and such
by Mike Ock Itches June 6, 2006
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1.The most complete cool dude on the surface on the earth, and the guy all the attractive females want to suck off
2.Also the name of the chavster/gangsta guy from the tv, which is a quality programme espeicially when your pissed - the movie is best tho.
1. Ali G, what a complete legend and general hero of the North of England
2. Let's get some beers in and watch the Ali G movie again
by DarkIcon January 18, 2005
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A chav from Staines who is a member of the gang West Staines Massiv, he acts all hard, and smokes dope with his gang members
"Life is the most precious thing that jar has given us"

(Ali G then pulls out an M4 rifle and kills some cholo gang members)
by Ben Dovery April 16, 2010
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1. a) An outrageous TV character who likes to wear yellow clothes and big sunglasses.
b) Not Ali A, Ali B, Ali C not Ali D....Ali.....Ali..... but Ali G!

2. Ali G language: Derivation of English language. root: Ali G in DA house
Da = The
Ya = You
Sup = What is up?
r = Are
Ma = My
Gotcha = Go to
Gimme = Give me
Kewl = Cool
Aight = Alright
Meista = Master
Wat = What
Wanna = Want to

Note: pluralz are ended in z: i.e. Rulez = rules
by ^Sparco^ January 28, 2005
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Ali-G is the most awesome UK wanna be rapper in the history of ever.
by Legomaniac April 9, 2003
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The greatest townie on the face of the earth. A true genius and supastar!
Damn that Ali G is enlightining
by milkshake March 27, 2005
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